God of War Ragnarok, Cory Barlog explains why it won’t be a trilogy

God of War Ragnarok, Cory Barlog explains why it won’t be a trilogy
God of War Ragnarok, Cory Barlog explains why it won’t be a trilogy

Among the most anticipated announcements of the latest PlayStation Showcase there was certainly the reveal of God of War Ragnarok, of which we have seen history and gameplay.

Despite Insomniac Games tried to steal the show with the continuation of Marvel’s Spider-Man and the title about Wolverine, Kratos’ adventure caused a sensation.

A title that now seems confirmed for 2022, because Sony has assured the date and stated that there will be no more postponements.

God of War RagnarokFurthermore, it will mark a major turning point because we have found that will definitively close the Norse saga.

Precisely regarding the decision to close the story with two chapters, e don’t make a trilogy, the directo of God of War, Cory Barlog.

The portal VGC reports the statements of Barlog that, during an interview on YouTube, he told how this choice came about.

The main reason is that the team did not want to commit and spend 15 years of work in a single trilogy:

«I think the main reason is that the first game took five years, the second, I do not know how long it will take but I throw it there saying it will be a time similar to the first.

And if you think about it, wow, a third with the same time will take us something like 15 years for a single story, and I think it would take a long time. “

The will, therefore, not to go too far with the work, not to tire and not to tire. God of War Ragnarok it will not have a sequel also because the team is focused on fully expressing a story:

“What we were trying to do from the beginning was tell something about Kratos and Atreus, because the heart of the engine of the story is really the relationship between these two characters. “

A story that will surely see also many new characters, which the study recently showed us much more closely.

The thought of Cory Barlog is very clear, and shareable, although he will not be the chief editor of God of War Ragnarok.

Whose fights will be much more expressive than in the past, with more varied and dynamic enemies in the approach to clashes.

For fans who wait God of War Ragnarok, the official artbook of the first chapter is an essential purchase!

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