eFootball is free, but the first DLC costs a lot (and is locked)

eFootball is free, but the first DLC costs a lot (and is locked)
eFootball is free, but the first DLC costs a lot (and is locked)

The free heir of PES, eFootball, rocked the balance of football games a lot when it was announced.

The historical rival of FIFA has completely changed course, choosing a now classic formula free to play with paid content subsequent.

The title is out very shortly, and Konami has recently unveiled all the contents that will be present at day one.

The same publisher also defined eFootball in a particular way, a definition that has alerted all the players.

eFootball it therefore adopts the dynamics of free-to-play titles such as League of Legends, but it also seems to have immediately inherited the vice of publish very expensive DLCs.

He reveals it VGC, which speaks of the “eFootball 2022 Premium Player Pack”, a paid DLC which will cost around 40 euros.

The price of its very high, because it is practically comparable to a mid-range video game just released. Plus this DLC hides a dark secret.

This bundle includes the base game, 6 “chance deals”, 2800 eFootball Coins e due futuri chance deal in preordine. But these currencies cannot be used before mid-November 2021.

The bonuses that are obtained from the purchase of this bundle, in fact, can only be used when the first major update will be released, right in mid-November.

Basically players will pay to buy things that, for a couple of months, they will not even be able to use.

Not too exciting a start per eFootball, which won’t already have many important features on day one.

The gameplay, if nothing else, looks very interesting: you can see a complete game at this address.

Konami also unveiled the hardware requirements for the PC version from eFootball, consult them to see if you are ready to start playing.

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