The best-selling Hisense 55-inch Smart TV is this – here’s why

Since, about 15 years ago, Hisense he started selling TVs in Europe under his own brand (he used to produce them for other famous brands) he practically “broke the market“: The numbers have become very important in a very short time, Hisense has become a leading player in the sector. All this above all for one reason: a price / features ratio unmatched. Today, with the Smart TV market literally exploding, Hisense dominates the low-end with one model: Hisense 55AE7000F, Smart TV LED 4K to 55 shelves.

All Hisense TVs are continuously subject to discounts and offers in rotation on the various models, both on Amazon and on other e-commerce and in large-scale distribution chains. But Hisense 55AE7000F is always there, at the top of the sales of 55-inch Smart TV. The reason is simple: it is an affordable Smart TV, within everyone’s reach. Nobody expects from this television the quality of an LG, Samsung or Sony Smart TV, it is clear, but everyone knows that it is a low cost model and that it has a quality that is appropriate to the price paid. A price, on the other hand, which, however low, does not prevent this model from offering the vast majority of the functions required by a basic user, who is looking for a Large and easy to use TV, of those that just turn them on to see all your favorite programs without first having to go crazy between one setting and another.

Hisense 55AE7000F: technical characteristics

The Hisense 55AE7000F is a low cost Smart TV with a 55 inches, equipped with double tuner DVB-T2 for digital terrestrial and DVB-S2 for digital satellite (it is certified tivùsat 4K). It therefore adapts to all systems and is ready to receive the new digital signal.

It can even record programs on a USB stick and digests practically any type of video file stored on an external USB memory: it supports HEVC H.265, VP9, ​​H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, VC1, MVC codecs.

The resolution is 4K standard, i.e. 3,840 × 2160 pixels (16: 9) and there is compatibility with HDR10, HLG e HDR10+ to improve color reproduction. It has three HDMI 2.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports. The audio, as usual on modern TVs, has a very low power: 2 speakers of 8 Watts each. There is, however, compatibility with DTS Studio Sound, Dolby Audio e DTS.

The smart part includes the operating system Vidaa, owner of Hisense, compatible with all popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video, DAZN and even with the voice assistant Amazon Alexa. The dimensions of this cheap smart TV are 123x773x22 centimeters, for a very low weight that stops at 12.6 kilograms.

Smart TV Hisense 55AE7000F: quanto costa

The Hisense 55AE7000F Smart TV was an Amazon 2020 exclusive, but today you can also find it in physical stores. However, it is online that you buy it at lower price. Initially available at around 530 euros, it has been on sale continuously since May 2021 at the price of 449 euro. Finding another good quality 55-inch 4K Smart TV at a similar price is virtually impossible, that’s why Hisense 55AE7000F è un best buy.

Hisense 55AE7000F 55-inch Smart TV – 4K Resolution – Vidaa OS – Amazon Alexa Compatible

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