“I tried to call you, call me back .. kisses”: watch out for the new scam

“I tried to call you, call me back .. kisses”: watch out for the new scam
“I tried to call you, call me back .. kisses”: watch out for the new scam

Watch the message. In recent days, a new scam attempt has been underway that has already made many fall into the trap. Here’s what’s going on.

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2020 turns out to be, without a shadow of a doubt, one of those years that we will hardly be able to forget. Marked by the impact of Covid, in fact, the latter has led us to change many of our habits, including the way we relate to others. A clear example of this is social distancing, which contributes to registering an increasingly massive use of the various technological devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to the latter, in fact, it is possible to communicate with friends and relatives even if geographically distant. At the same time, the growing interest in this way of communicating turns out to be, unfortunately, also fertile ground for some malicious people, who thus try to extort hard from the unfortunate on duty. A clear demonstration of this is a new scam attempt, which is implemented through sms.

“Call me back”, look at the message: new scam attempt

Unfortunately, every day I am there are many scam attempts to which you must pay the utmost attention. In fact, more and more often, some cyber criminals try to extort money from the unfortunate person on duty through ad hoc traps spread on the web. Not only that, a new scam attempt has recently been reported, which risks making many people fall into the trap.

In practice, it is a message that arrives via SMS, the text of which reads as follows: Hi, I tried to call you, call me at the number .. Kisses“. A message that many might think was sent by an acquaintance whose number you may not have stored in the phone book. However, it is the number to which you are asked to call back the alarm bell. The latter, in fact, starts with 89, that is, it is a toll number.

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Consequently, it is easy to see that it is enough to make a call to find yourself having to contend with a residual credit dried up. Precisely to avoid having to deal with unpleasant episodes of this type, therefore, the advice is to never perform the required operation.

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