Goodbye tint, the stars are no longer afraid of gray hair

If we had been told a few months ago that Hollywood stars and crowned heads would participate in social occasions regardless of gray hair, we would not have believed it. Instead another taboo has fallen, knocked down by the increasingly impetuous wind of body positivity. In recent times, women have learned not only to accept, but also to proudly show cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, acne marks… so why not do it with the hair turning silver? A sign of female emancipation, of self-acceptance and of the passing of time. So bye bye tint, and welcome regrowth.

Gray hair, a red carpet trend

Paladin for years of natural hair, Jamie Lee Curtis she also showed off her iconic silver pixie-cut on the red carpet of Venezia 78, beautiful and roaring in an animalier dress Dolce&Gabbana. A few months ago, at the Cannes Film Festival the choice of Andie MacDowell, for the first time in public with gray hair. In dress Prada and salt and pepper hair in the wind has left everyone speechless. “If it does George Clooney, why can’t I? ” he said to comment on his decision. An illustrious colleague was also there to give her a hand on the Croisette: Jodie Foster. First at the photo call and then on the red carpet, the actress presented herself with silver threads that framed her face, without losing an ounce of charm.

Regrowth? It is no longer a problem

And from the red carpet to social media, the step is short. There are many stars who, if necessary, show themselves for a selfie with natural hair. For Gwineth Paltrow covering gray hair is certainly not an obsession: far from it. Pose for a photo to share on Instagram without paying attention to the silver strands that streak the blonde hair. Also Jennifer Aniston she shows herself without problems with the natural roots, just she who in the past had declared: “I will not lie, I do not want gray hair”.

Carolina of Monaco and Letizia of Spain with salt and pepper hair

That of gray hair left free to grow is a trend that also appeals to the high nobility. Caroline of Monaco for example, the color has now definitively abandoned it. She started by letting a few silver threads adorn her hair, then moved on to a “total silver” twist. Not even for Letizia of Spain tint is a priority. The Queen has shown herself on more than one occasion in public without retouching the color, with large salt and pepper locks on her long brown hair.

Even Eva Longoria, always so glamorous, has posted a selfie on social media in which gray hair stands out. Do not you believe it? Look at the gallery …

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Goodbye tint stars longer afraid gray hair

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