new details on gameplay and status of work from a leaker –

new details on gameplay and status of work from a leaker –
new details on gameplay and status of work from a leaker –

Well-known leaker Tom Henderson shared tons of new, alleged, details its Skull & Bones, the unfortunate Ubisoft pirate-themed title that has been postponed over and over again since the announcement at E3 2017 and still does not have a definitive launch window.

With a long series of tweets the prolific leaker says the game is still alive and well, with development “well under way” but with the release date still a long way off. It also revealed numerous details on the gameplay, which we report below, however, reminding you to take everything with a grain of salt, since there is nothing official.

In Skull & Bones there are 5 types of ships (small, medium, large, etc.) and are categorized into three different categories: Cargo, Combat and Exploration. To get new ships you need design schemes, which can be purchased in various settlements, as well as the right amount of resources, such as wood, metal and fibers.

Skull & Bones, a clash between two ships

Large ships are not always better than smaller ones. In fact, the latter can count on greater mobility and navigate in inaccessible areas for larger sailing ships, such as rivers.

Each Skull & Bones ship has basic paraphernalia but players are free to add and upgrade cannons, ballistas, flamethrowers and mortars. Furthermore, various types of ammunition are available in addition to the standard ones, for example cannonballs linked together with a chain.

Likewise it is possible boost up your ship at any time, as long as you have the money to do so. There are numerous options to customize your ship and it will be possible, for example, to enhance its strength and increase its load capacity, as well as make aesthetic changes by changing the rudder or figurehead.

The world of Skull & Bones is open world and seems to be set in the Indian Ocean and more specifically in the “Costa di Azania”, in Mozambique. Players will start their adventure from scratch, first building a small boat and then a fishing boat. Completing the quests will increase the reputation and it will be possible to collect the resources necessary to create the first real pirate ship.

Player progress will depend on the amount of money accumulated through assignments, assaulting other ships, looting settlements, assaulting fortresses or completing deliveries.

Skull & Bones’ sea combat perspective has remained the same as in the 2018 gameplay trailer, with just a few tweaks. On the ground, however, the game switches to a third-person view. These phases don’t include fighting, parkour, or anything particularly special, other than talking to other NPCs.

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