Deathloop PC: between stuttering and frame drops, Denuvo strikes again

Deathloop PC: between stuttering and frame drops, Denuvo strikes again
Deathloop PC: between stuttering and frame drops, Denuvo strikes again

As we had already anticipated a few days ago, the minimum requirements to play the new Bethesda titles on PC were quite high. In fact, not everyone was able to afford to push Deathloop to its maximum performance, especially if you wanted to maintain a very high resolution. In fact, however, today PC players have found each other with a fairly large amount of problems. Not only frame rate problems but also a lot of stuttering which does not seem almost normal for an upcoming title, especially when you think about the importance of production. Obviously, users on Steam immediately complained, leaving hundreds of negative reviews for the title and claiming improvements from a technical point of view.

You know, when it comes to performance, PC gamers don’t want to compromise, especially those with a respectable configuration. The blame for everything actually seems to be Denuvo once again. The infamous Denuvo anti-tamper is not in its first time. Many users on the Steam pages blame it as it has also reported drastic drops in performance in other titles. This is because the software in question acts at a deeper level and consequently also affects the performance of your machine.

At this time, therefore, we find ourselves in a situation in which some users complain that they cannot play properly even with very high-end configurations that involve the use of 3080 and new generation processors. At the moment Bethesda has not yet left an official statement, but we are confident that the situation will certainly be brought under control and maybe in the next few days the title will receive a corrective patch.

Deathloop is a must-try title, a different FPS than usual and with a plot that will make you stay out of the shoes. A unique gameplay, as only the Zenimax guys can give us. If you want to get a deeper idea, we advise you to read the review you find here!

We strongly recommend that you grab your copy of Deathloope and start playing! On PS5


Deathloop stuttering frame drops Denuvo strikes

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