PlayStation Plus, free game of October 2021 revealed in advance?

PlayStation Plus, free game of October 2021 revealed in advance?
PlayStation Plus, free game of October 2021 revealed in advance?

September has now started a few weeks ago and the first surprises have already arrived as regards subscribers to the service Playstation plus.

The promotion is obviously valid only for those who have signed up for a subscription to PlayStation Plus, which will allow you to put your hand to an undeciphered number of titles.

The free games of this month have in fact already appeared a few hours ago, immediately resulting unmissable for all owners of PlayStation consoles.

The offer is obviously also valid on the platform PS5, a platform on which games were also given away at launch (which you may not remember).

Now, as also reported by Game Rant, it seems that some players have discovered one of the games that will be popping up on PS Plus during the next month well in advance October 2021.

The last few months have seen the service regularly release three new games each month, with one of these games available specifically for PlayStation 5.

At first, Sony offered various new releases in its monthly slot, but apparently that has been waning over the past few months.

However, it is likely that in October it will be the turn of a very particular title, that is Hell Let Loose. It is, for the uninitiated, a tactical first person shooter focused on multiplayer developed by the Australian studio Black Matter and published by Team17.

hell let loose could be part of ps plus for this October (some evidence) from GamingLeaksAndRumours

As a first “test”, Hell Let Loose will come out next 5th October, which is the expected release date for PS Plus games. Secondly, the game cannot currently be pre-ordered on PS5, only Xbox Series X.

This last detail is particularly incisive, given that in case someone decides to pay for a free PS Plus game, Sony would necessarily have to issue some refunds.

As a final clue, both the open and closed beta of Hell Let Loose they were held on PS5 and not on Xbox Series X, which suggests some agreement between Sony and Team17.

We just have to wait for an official confirmation of the thing, which apparently seems to be quite probable.

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