“You granted yourself very easily.” Commentary on the episode of September 14th

“You granted yourself very easily.” Commentary on the episode of September 14th
“You granted yourself very easily.” Commentary on the episode of September 14th

In the second episode of the new season of Men and women the two new female tronista were presented: Andrea Nicole Conte and Roberta Ilaria Giusti. The two girls made themselves known by the suitors, but the episode also left its mark for other unexpected moments.

The usual protagonist of the most heated exchange of opinions of the day Biagio Di Maro, who a Men and women he wanted to reveal some spicy details about a relationship of his last season.

Men and women: Biagio Di Maro attacks Isabella Ricci

Biagio Di Maro a Men and women returned to a question of the past.

Il Cavaliere wanted to tell a secret of the last edition and his relationship with Isabella Ricci: “We started kissing … We were in the same room … You begged me not to say this thing … You allowed yourself very easily“.

Biagio Di Maro is used to somewhat particular releases but today nobody expected it, given that the dynamics of the new season have not yet started. Isabella Ricci sketched, even pretending not to understand the man’s speech: “Bullshit a lot to sit in the study center … You are a person who tries to death“.

In the end it was not clear where the truth lay and this exit could really have been avoided.

Tina Cipollari, for the umpteenth time, clarified her opinion of the Knight: “You are a bad person“.

Beyond Biagio Di Maro, a Men and women star Ida Platano

The first episode of the 2021/2022 season of Men and women saw Gemma Galgani protagonist. In the second episode, however, before the shock sentence by Biagio Di Maro, it fell to Ida Platano to be at the center of the study.

Already his arrival at the center of the studio automatically causes the viewers to be terrified, for fear that he will start again with the tears and the usual troubles of grievances against Riccardo Guarnieri.

But, at least this time, the topic was only touched upon by Ida Platano. The lady said she was ready to start over: “I have really regained a lot, especially self-esteem … I fell in love with myself even more … I regained myself“. While his new suitor Graziano went more directly on the subject: “I don’t know how a person does not touch such a beautiful woman“.

Setting aside, we hope forever, Riccardo Guarnieri, between the two if they are roses they will bloom. Graziano, however, promises well: “For love I am able to go anywhere“.

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