the director of Astral Chain works on a new unannounced game –

the director of Astral Chain works on a new unannounced game –
the director of Astral Chain works on a new unannounced game –

PlatinumGames has a new big game coming soon, it is the new production of Takahisa Taura, director di Astral Chain, engaged in a title not yet announced but which seems to have great importance in the team’s projects.

In an interview published by VGC to the head of PlatinumGames, Atsushi Inaba, along with Hideki Kamiya, it emerged that the young director of Astral Chain, considered a “superstar” from Inaba who had praised it in the past, is working on a new and not yet announced game.

“We have to keep our superstar busy!” Inaba said about Taura, laughing but probably not joking too much, “He’s working on something, but we can’t tell what it is “.

Astral Chain is liked for its originality and combat system

It is not even said that it will be announced soon, considering that Inaba has limited himself to saying that “they would be happy” if the announcement happened in the near future, but apparently there is no certainty on the matter.

Takahisa Tausa is considered a bit the new promise of PlatinumGames and the Japanese videogame landscape in general, director of Astral Chain which was his first fully guided project, after having previously worked on a large number of games such as NieR: Automata, World of Demons, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the Wonderful 101 and others.

In the meantime, PlatinumGames continues to be busy on several fronts, considering that there is Bayonetta 3 still in development as well as Babylon’s Fall, Sol Cresta and Project GG, as well as various ongoing collaborations.


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