One of the best 65 “4K Smart LED TVs is now half the price

In the crowded Smart TV market there are important names e products that make you dream customers. One of these prestigious names is that of LG, which in the range of televisions that make you dream has several, both with OLED technology and with LCD technology (ie LED). In the latter segment, LG offers the panels “NanoCell“, Direct competitors of Samsung’s QLEDs.

Technology NanoCell consists of a layer of the display panel, made up of nanocells of microscopic size (1 nanometer, i.e. one billionth of a meter), through which the light produced by the LED in order to color the individual sub-pixels. This technology, while not offering the absolute black typical of OLED screens, allows for one high brightness, an excellent color rendering and a wide viewing angle. Unfortunately, however, just like Samsung’s QLED technology, LG’s NanoCell is also expensive and, in fact, is applied to large models and from higher price. For many, therefore, an LG NanoCell Smart TV remains a dream due to the price well over a thousand euros. Unless Amazon puts in Discount a model, as has just happened with the LG NanoCell 65NANO806PA Smart TV which, today, costs just over half its list price and, moreover, there is also a gift.

LG NanoCell 65 “Smart TV: technical features

The 65NANO806PA TV is a model 4K me too 65 inches, a real beast of 24 and a half kilos and 145x84x44 centimeters in size. Hard not to notice it after placing it in the living room, also because it has a really nice design with very thin bezels.

To manage the panel there is a powerful four-core processor, which also allows an effective reduction of noise in the display of colors as well as calculating the upscaling of images at a resolution below 4K. Technology local dimming it improves the contrast in the points of the image with a lot of difference between light tones and dark tones. Of course this Smart TV is compatible with standards for image enhancement HDR, HDR10 Pro e HLG (Dolby Vision is missing).

The maximum resolution is 4K (3,840 × 2,160 pixels) with a refresh of 60 Hz and a color depth of 10 bits (a billion colors). The supply of connections is excellent: in addition to the decoder for second generation DVB-T2 digital terrestrial there is one for the satellite signal (DVB-S2), then there are 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, 2 USB ports, a digital output optical, a LAN network port and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

Like almost all new very slim Smart TVs, this model from LG also has one audio section basic and not very powerful: two speakers for a total of 20 Watts of power, albeit with virtual 5.1 surround. The smart part relies on the now well-known and reliable operating system WebOS on LG, compatible with all the apps of today’s streaming platforms.

LG NanoCell 65 “: the Amazon offer

It is therefore clear that LG NanoCell 65NANO806PA is an excellent TV, moreover also very large and beautiful when turned off. It is about one of the best models in circulation, if we talk about LED technology. Which has a high cost, therefore, it is equally clear and obvious: the price list costs 1,299 euros.

In the light of all this it seems almost incredible offer ongoing on Amazon: the LG NanoCell 65NANO806PA Smart TV is on sale for only 749 euros (-699 euros, -48%).

LG NanoCell 65NANO806PA Smart TV – 4K Resolution, 65-inch Diagonal – 2021 Model with Complimentary HBS-FN6 TONE Free True Wireless Headphones

But what’s even more incredible is that the offer also includes a tribute: le cuffiette wireless Bluetooth LG Tone Free FN6 with active noise cancellation (ANC), which have a list price of 149 euro.

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