The mini pc that all gamers will like

It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs 177 grams, but offers 4 USB ports, a bluetooth keyboard and an optional 9800 mAh external battery. It costs 165 euros

Small on the outside and big on the inside, because it allows you to manage different software and complete many of the tasks performed with a classic laptop. This is the premise of the Xdo Tech engineering team behind the Pantera Pico Pc, a small footprint model that fits in every backpack and bag (66.8 x 66.8 x 51.4 mm for a weight of 177 grams), compatible with Windows and Linux and with video output per 4K monitor.

Equipped with 4 usb ports, micro sd card slot, mini headphone jack and hdmi port, count on one bluetooth keyboard which folds towards the center to keep the size small (and the keys are small, so you have to get comfortable). At the battery integrated 210 mAh you can add that external, optional, 9800 mAh which extends the life of the mini pc to over 4 hours. The processor is 2 GHz Intel Celeron J4125 quad-core with 2.7 GHz overclock, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB expandable internal memory, and there is wi-fi and bluetooth 5.0.

With an external metal structure and rubber part for greater stability on a flat surface, Pantera Pico Pc can be booked here at the price of 162 euro, with shipping costs included and deliveries starting next November.


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