Android 12 could arrive on October 4th, but not for everyone: here are the latest news

Android 12 could arrive on October 4th, but not for everyone: here are the latest news
Android 12 could arrive on October 4th, but not for everyone: here are the latest news

The long wait to receive the stable version of Android 12 it could end in a few weeks, since it seems that Google wants release it on October 4th. This was said by Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers, who had the opportunity to access some internal Google documents: according to the latter, in the plans of the Big G there would be the release of the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) version on October 4th, so the stable version should also be released starting the same day.

Typically the release of the two versions of Android coincides on the same day, therefore very likely that if the source code were released on October 4th, the public version of the operating system would also arrive with the same timing. In support of the tweet, Rahman has inserted a screenshot of the alleged internal document of Google, which shows the roadmap on the stop of the approval of new software builds for devices running Android 10, Android 11 and Android 12. The document also reads the date scheduled by Google for the release of the source code of Android 12.

Connected to the release of Android 12 there could also be the debut of the new Google Pixel 6 smartphones. Google has already released some “teaser” images on Instagram for the new flagship owners, along with a video where it was possible to see it for the first time in live action. In the images, however, you can read – through the clock widgets on the various smartphones shown – the date of the October 19. It is therefore possible that the two smartphones will arrive after the new software release, about two weeks apart. The release dates are in any case related to the US market, since the marketing of the two new smartphones (the standard and the Pro variant) in Italy still seems to be planned.

The document also reads that the previous versions arrived a few days in advance: Android 10 was in fact released on September 3, 2019, while Android 11 was released on September 8, 2020. The dates provided by Google are however only related to the Pixel series smartphones. , among those supported, while to date no manufacturer has declared the release plans of their customizations (for example ColorOS by OPPO, OxygenOS by OnePlus, OneUI by Samsung) based on Android 12.

Many partners have already shown a lot of interest in the upcoming Android release, and the beta of Android 12 is already available for various devices from Xiaomi, realme, OPPO, OnePlus, ASUS and Samsung. On this page, on the Android Developers portal, you can have a list of smartphones that can already install an Android 12 Beta build. No Android 12 release date for individual devices has yet been released and the wait is likely to be several weeks, if not months, for most Android devices in circulation.

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