Fariba Tehrani, what really happened to his brother | The great regret

Fariba Tehrani, what really happened to his brother | The great regret
Fariba Tehrani, what really happened to his brother | The great regret

A few days ago Fariba Tehrani announced to his followers that he had lost his brother, Abdolhamid. After the sad news it was also learned what were the real causes of death.


After the tragic loss he hit Fariba Tehrani e Giulia Salemi, the woman revealed what really happened to her brother and what happened to him.

Fariba Tehrani, the sad announcement

Giulia Salemi had to say goodbye to her uncle, or the brother of her mother Fariba Tehrani, a veteran of the reality show dell’Island of the Famous.

It was Abdolhamid’s sister who communicated the sad news to her followers in first person, through a photograph of her brother. The many fans who follow her have sent her hundreds of messages of condolence.

Abdolhamid’s burial took place on 10 September without waiting a few more days from death as in this period apparently the mortuary chambers are full and it is not possible to keep the bodies for long. The former shipwrecked then kept us to clarify what were the causes of the death of his brother.

The causes of death and the regret of Giulia Salemi’s mother

While everything suggested that the cause of death was the terrible virus which for almost two years has been upsetting all the countries of the world, apparently the triggering reason was another.

Fariba Tehrani and her daughter Giulia Salemi are heartbroken but the former islander has also found the strength to explain what were the causes of her brother’s death: “He had the vaccine two months ago but he got Covid anyway. This morning they found him lifeless due to cardiac arrest “, Fariba told on his Instagram account.

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The mocking fate that took his brother away from Fariba is therefore not attributable to the pandemic. But the Coronavirus has also caused Fariba profound pain because precisely because of the restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of Covid, the woman was unable to return to her country. And so he was unable to give his beloved brother a final farewell.

Giulia Salemi’s mother said she hasn’t seen her family for about three years, we hope she can reunite with her loved ones as soon as possible.


Fariba Tehrani happened brother great regret

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