Google’s flagship Gmail: how to schedule emails

Google’s flagship Gmail: how to schedule emails
Google’s flagship Gmail: how to schedule emails

Whatsapp and other instant messaging applications have limited them over the last few years, but email is still a widely used tool, and not just for official communications. Of course, with apps everything is more immediate, but with e-mails you can still do useful things of this kind.

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An important planning function of Gmail It helps people avoid sending emails on weekends, at night or at inopportune times, but they help you determine when they will be sent, at the most convenient time.

Gives Gmail a feature that helps keep emails scheduled. This is the path to use. Everything, of course, starts from opening the browser.

Mobile planning on Gmail. And the new arrivals

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After opening Gmail, you need to click on the button composition, on the left side, that pencil-like button. Then, move your cursor over the up arrow next to the submit button and click “Schedule delivery“. Schedule the date and time you want to send mail. The fourth step is the final one: the mail will be scheduled as soon as you decide the date and time and click on it.

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From computer to smartphone (Android), this is the step. You start composing an email, then you need to click on the vertical dots, then click on “Schedule delivery“. Select the date and time you want the mail to be sent and it will be scheduled.

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Gmail, however, it remains in the heart of Google. That no longer considers it a simple e-mail box, but more and more the intentions are to transform a simple and extremely functional e-mail box into a real hub for communication. The new features all go in this direction.

In the coming weeks, from Mountain View a great novelty could be completed: making and receiving VOIP calls (via network) with Google Meet, but always staying within Gmail.

The fact that the feature will be introduced first on the Google inbox and are later on Meet, says a lot about how Big G see your applications. Gmail first of all.

The planned update will not only add this great innovation, but also Spaces (a sort of Slack-style chat where you can interact with multiple users), Calendar, “One series” devices designed for business use by third parties but in line with the design of Big G: Desk 27 un display touch con USB-C e Google Assistant integrated and Panel 65, also expected with the new year, in 2022.

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