Here are the most important news of the Beta 5 of Android 12

Here are the most important news of the Beta 5 of Android 12
Here are the most important news of the Beta 5 of Android 12

A few days ago we told you about the fact that Google, silently, he had postponed the launch of Android 12 contemplating the arrival of a fifth and final beta. In the past few hours, the Android 12 Beta 5 has been released for all supported Google Pixels, including the Google Pixel 5a model announced just a few weeks ago.

In this news we will touch on the most important and visible innovations available within the Beta 5 of Android 12, all functions that will obviously find their place within the definitive version of the new operating system which is now close to launch – most likely it will arrive in tandem to the long awaited Google Pixel 6.

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Google Clock widgets embrace the Material You

Google Clock is one of the proprietary applications that will make use of the new guidelines of Material You, the graphic system present in Android 12 which profoundly revolutionizes the interface of the mobile operating system and makes it more “personal”. The new widgets of the application are related to the release of version 7.0 of Google Clock, and are now ready to blend completely with the wallpaper color palette.

Each wallpaper has a simple and pleasant graphics, with rounded edges, and the ability to blend in different ways with the primary colors of the wallpaper during their resizing; even the lower navigation bar, useful for setting alarms, timers and much more, now has some nice animations.

Universal search on Google Pixel Launcher arrives

With the arrival of the Beta 5 of Android 12, the universal search on Google Pixel Launcher. Unlike the search system offered by the Google widget, the universal search system offers the opportunity to locate files and other content available within your smartphone. Furthermore, if desired, it is also possible to start one Google search in the event that the research does not provide the desired results.

The controls for the smart home land on the lockscreen

The management of the smart home will be even simpler and more direct for those who have a smartphone compatible with Android 12. Inside the Beta 5 of Android 12, the Google development team has seen fit to introduce the quick access key to the controls for the smart home directly from the lockscreen of your phone.

As you can see from the GIF above, the new quick access icon in the shape of a house is clearly visible inside the lockscreen, in the lower left corner. One tap allows you to access the quick command management UI for all the smart devices available in the house.

Google stops charging in case of overheating

As we all know, Google uses an interesting strategy in order to safeguard the longevity of the battery by blocking its loading at achievement of 80% autonomy, a practice we told you about just a few weeks ago. The function, using various information such as the alarm time, makes sure to provide 100% charge when you wake up, completing the last 20% charge more slowly, without stressing the battery.

Now, with the arrival of the Beta 5 of Android 12, the Mountain View giant has widened the mesh of the charging limit in case the temperature of your Google Pixel is too high. In this regard, some strings of code have been found in which an alarm notification informs the user that “Your phone is limiting charging to preserve the health of your battery“. In the strings, listed below, there is also a reference to a support link that explains what other actions Google Pixel can do in case of overheating:

Your phone is limiting charging to help preserve battery health
Learn more
Learn more
Charging temporarily limited

Google Calculator also embraces the Material You

In addition to Google Clock, version 8.0 of the Google Calculator fully embraces the Material You. The key concept of the new UI, as we have learned in recent months, revolves around the introduction of a color palette corresponding to the main colors of the wallpaper.

Google Nearby Share aggiunge il tab “Everyone”

When you tap on the Google Nearby Share button from the Android 12 Beta 5 quick toggle panel, a panel now appears where you can choose to enable sharing with all surrounding devices. You can also send files simultaneously to multiple devices at a time.

Other minor news of the Beta 5 of Android 12

Those just seen are the major innovations discovered so far in the Android Beta 5, but there are also other “minor” additions such as the ability to set a conversation as a widget after setting the relevant notification with high priority.

The Beta 5 of Android 12 also touches up the easter-egg we talked about at the beginning of August, this time making it a little more complex. Following the three taps on the OS version and after setting the hand to 12:00, the item “Android S Easter Egg“. The “Paint Chip” widget initially appears as a 1 × 1 grid but, if desired, it can be expanded to cover the entire surface of the homescreen showing the precise color accent generated by Monet, the Android 12 graphics engine.

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