LEGO introduces the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block set

LEGO introduces the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block set
LEGO introduces the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block set

Having inaugurated the LEGO Super Mario universe, conquering young and old alike, LEGO presented a new set dedicated to Nintendo’s hopping plumber. This time the Question mark block to be converted into bricks: the iconic yellow cube, first seen in Super Mario Bros. (1983), hides the reconstructions of four levels of Super Mario 64, the first three-dimensional title of the saga. A must-have set for fans of LEGO products and, above all, for gamers who grew up with Mario’s adventures.

LEGO Super Mario: the set dedicated to Super Mario 64 is coming

The new set presented by the LEGO Group and Nintendo arrives twenty-five years after the Japanese launch of Super Mario 64 on Nintendo 64 (June 23, 1996). The eighth chapter of the series directed by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto considered one of the best video games of all time.

With its latest creation, LEGO has rebuilt the Question mark block of Super Mario 64, using the beauty of 2,064 bricks. The block can be opened to reveal four buildable versions of the Super Mario 64 levels: the Peach Castle, Battle of Bob-omb, Mount Refreshment e Lava lake. In the set we also find diverse minifigure featuring Mario, Peach and other characters featured in the game for N64; these can be inserted into the scenes to simulate the adventures of the original game.

The set can be combined with other LEGO Mario products, such as the Starter Pack containing the interactive figure of the Nintendo mascot or the LEGO Adventures of Luigi set, dedicated to the little plumber dressed in green. The two characters can interact with the Question Mark Block to add the typical music and sounds of the original video game; you can also look for the hidden Power Stars to unlock new features of the two characters.

“We know how much Super Mario fans they loved the experience of LEGO Super Mario and we wanted to draw even more from the elements of traditional gameplay, capturing the immersive experience of Super Mario 64“, he has declared Pablo Gonzalez Gonzalez placeholder image, Senior Designer of the group LEGO. “With this awesome set, we’re building on the thrilling LEGO Super Mario play experience, either per bring some memories to those who have played Super Mario 64 video game, but also to introduce these wonderful levels to a whole new audience of Super Mario fans. “.

The set LEGO Block Super Mario 64 question mark will be available from 1 October 2021 at the LEGO Stores and on the company’s official website. Furthermore, from 2022, the set can also be purchased at the main toy retailers. The selling price of 169,99 euro.

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