first gameplay trailer on PS5

first gameplay trailer on PS5
first gameplay trailer on PS5

As expected, the PlayStation Showcase of September 2021 ended with a bang showing for the first time in action on PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarok – this is the official title of Kratos’ new adventure.

Entirely captured on PS5, the trailer first highlights the technical leap made by the talented developers at Santa Monica Studio, offering us a close-up of a highly detailed model of Kratos. A few seconds later they also enter the screen Atreus, visibly grown up – as well as extremely curious to find out more information about his origins – and a very angry one Freya (if you’ve completed the 2018 game, you know why it is). We do the rest to you to discover by leaving you to watch the trailer, which you can view at the beginning of the news.

Unfortunately, the long video has not been accompanied by precise information about the launch date of the game, yet expected in a generic 2022. The development of God of War Ragnarok, remember, is currently underway both on PlayStation 5 and on PS4.


gameplay trailer PS5

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