Las Vegas, destroys the newly rented Lamborghini Huràcan STO

Las Vegas, destroys the newly rented Lamborghini Huràcan STO
Las Vegas, destroys the newly rented Lamborghini Huràcan STO

For many, renting a supercar is the only way to drive a dream car and very high performance. However, often without having the skills, and sometimes ending up causing accidents with disastrous results. This is the case with what happened to one brand new Lamborghini Huràcan STO, the most extreme and fastest version of the super sports car del Toro, in the United States. The protagonist of the unfortunate story is a man who, after hiring the V10 of Sant’Agata, went off the road severely damaging the car.

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Lamborghini Huràcan STO, immediately damaged

The “career” of a gray Lamborghini Huràcan STO did not last long at the rental company Royalty Exotics. The Italian supercar, whose deliveries began a few months ago, has concluded prematurely – at least for the moment – its work against a guardrail near Las Vegas, Nevada, near the Hoover Dam. The car was in fact the victim of an accident with the dynamics still to be clarified: the person who had rented it he would have lost control by going off the road and crashing into the sidewalk, only to finish his run in a construction site a few meters ahead.

Fortunately, neither pedestrians nor other vehicles were involved in the accident, and the driver himself would have gotten out of the car unscathed. Lamborghini was not as fortunate as it suffered several damages both to the bodywork and, above all, to the mechanics. From the photos immediately circulated on the web in fact, it is evident that the right rear wheel is completely off axis, suggesting that the transmission, suspension and other components may also have been seriously damaged. The cost of the damage is still unknown.

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Dream rental

The Huràcan STO it was one of the latest cars to be added to Royalty Exotics’ offering, who had rented the car, as well as the most expensive: as stated in the company’s catalog, the cost of the Italian supercar was $ 2,299 per day. The destroyed specimen is in fact part of the most exclusive and performing series made by the house of the Bull: strong of a 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10, this version of the Huràcan delivers 640 horsepower and 565 Nm, with a low weight and extreme aerodynamics inspired by the Lambos racing in the Super Trofeo. Strengthened by these numbers, the STO accelerates from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds flat, and reaches 310 km / h. Performance not easy to manage, especially because this version is equipped with the rear-wheel drive only instead of the traditional integral.

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