even standard SSDs work with the expansion slot, it seems – Nerd4.life

even standard SSDs work with the expansion slot, it seems – Nerd4.life
even standard SSDs work with the expansion slot, it seems – Nerd4.life

Xbox Series X|S it seems they also support SSD NVMe standard as internal memory expansions, inserted through a adapter in the slot on the back of the console.

As we all know, Xbox Series X | S adopt a proprietary format as an expansion for the internal SSD, with specific memory expansions which, in fact, are SSDs similar to the NVMe standard but inside a sort of cartridge to be inserted in the appropriate slot on the back.

The solution is very elegant and user friendly, but it has the disadvantage of offering only one purchase option, that is the official Seagate memory expansion, which is in fact the only one supported by Xbox Series X | S in official form, with the problem of the lack of different offers and prices different.

According to what was reported by VGC, starting from a report on the Chinese site BiliBili, it seems that this limitation may however be circumvented.

Xbox Series X | S can support a standard NVMe SSD, with CFe adapter, in the expansion slot

The source cannot be considered 100% reliable, but the matter seems likely, because technically it was also predicted from other sources.

The test started from the analysis of the two slots PCIe 4.0 used by the Xbox Series X | S, one for the internal NVMe SSD and one for the Seagate expansion. The expansion card uses the CFExpress standard, which uses the NVMe protocol.

The authors of the experiment therefore chose to use a Western Digital SN530 m.2 2230, or the same present inside the Xbox Series X, connected to a CFe-NVMe adapter, inserting the latter into the console slot.

Apparently, Xbox Series X recognized the hardware as a “Storage Expansion Card”, giving the user an additional 867GB of available internal memory (out of the total 1TB of the connected SSD). At the moment it has only been tested the WD model in question, which is the same present inside the console, but this apparently works. It is possible that other SSD models in 2280 format may work as well, as long as they support PCIe 4.0 standard.

As theorized by the Chinese source, if PCIe 4.0 x4 models were to work too, a large amount of larger SSDs could work. However, it remains to be seen what the impact on performance is and if there is any particular limitation regarding the minimum speed of the SSD to be added.

In any case, it is obviously not an official procedure, but it can mean that the system may open up to different solutions in the future, as well as cards from other manufacturers and at a lower price.

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