playing for 2 hours is like doing a thousand sit-ups –

playing for 2 hours is like doing a thousand sit-ups –
playing for 2 hours is like doing a thousand sit-ups –
from Riccardo Lichene

Two scientific studies once again fight the stereotype of the pathologically sedentary gamer. In fact, every game session of at least two hours leads to 420 calories burned, like an hour of cycling.

The analysis platform of the world of competitive video games (esports) Stakester has shown, thanks to an accurate study, that the advantages of gaming are not limited to the improvement of visual-spatial skills he was born in problem solving: being a gamer can also help lose weight. According to the study, in fact, two hours of play burns 420 calories for men and 470 for women. It seems incredible but the study conducted by Stakester, eSports platform that allows you to win prizes and money by playing video games, demonstrates that an intense play session can be equivalent to a major physical effort, such as the abdominals.

A careful study

Before reaching these conclusions, of course, the study was careful and accurate: the researchers checked heart rate and calorie consumption of a mixed sample of 50 gamers during two-hour gaming sessions. The games chosen for this analysis? The widespread FIFA and Warzone. The observation led to the results we are telling you: male players burned 420 calories in almost all game sessions, those of female sex 470; the equivalent of about 1000 sit-ups. Tom Fairey, CEO and founder of the eSports platform, commented on the results: We all know that competition increases our heart rate and most of us have experienced the sweat of play, which shows up when you are looking for a last minute goal in FIFA or you are facing a very tense situation in Warzone. No surprise this burns calories, but we are surprised to see how many are burned during a two hour session.

Fighting stereotypes

If confirmed by peer review, the study conducted by Stakester would allow no longer consider video games as enemies of a healthy lifestyle, one of the criticisms most often leveled against gaming. In this regard, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) who conducted a similar study on 1400 players from 65 different countries. Australian scientists revealed that gamers have a 21% better chance
compared to non-players
to have a healthier body weight in relation to the average population. The poll also revealed that gamers smoke and drink far less than the average citizen and they are significantly more active. Michael Trotter, QUT esports researcher said: I am very proud of our results because they defy the stereotype, frankly antiquated, of the pathologically obese and sedentary gamer.

September 5, 2021 (change September 5, 2021 | 4:50 pm)


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