Sim Data with many giga for smart working. Iliad, Ho and Very

Sim Data with many giga for smart working. Iliad, Ho and Very
Sim Data with many giga for smart working. Iliad, Ho and Very

Many, many giga included (almost infinite) but also the quality and speed of the mobile network. And this is because the mobile phone is often a powerful and useful tool for work and also for learning. Starting from smart working and passing through distance learning, especially in light of the revolution brought about by the pandemic. In this regard, for the quality / price ratio, the Iliad connection it is among the best present in Italy in the mobile Internet market. Here then are all the details on the solution Iliad sim with many giga for smart working and a quick look at the main competitors too.

The Iliad solution

On the why choose the Iliad solution for smart working let’s start with a fact. That is, from the one for which, as far as internet browsing is concerned, the signal coverage is really widespread. Iliad 4G, in fact, in Italy covers 99% of the population throughout the national territory. Which means that, for work and for distance learning, there is the guarantee of always being able to navigate with a stable and also performing connection. Furthermore, as a guarantee of what has been said, according to Opensignal Iliad in Italy is the second operator for Download Speed ​​Experience.

Moreover, which certainly does not hurt, with Iliad you can surf, work and learn via the Internet with a monthly cost that is really negligible when compared with the expensive rates offered by some competitors. For example, currently with only 7.99 euros per month, forever and for real, you can subscribe the Giga 80 tariff to call and to text freely, and also to have many gigabytes available, as many as 80 GB per month, for smartworking and for distance learning.

The Iliad customer, with only 7.99 euros per month, thanks to the Giga 80 tariff plan has 80 GB available in 4G / 4G + to always surf freely, even for long smartworking sessions. In addition, the offer also includes 5 GB which are dedicated to roaming Europe. And in any case, if before the end of the month the available gigs have already run out, the customer Iliad Giga 80 you will be able to continue browsing at a cost of € 0.90 per 100 MB after having given explicit consent.

If you already believe in advance that 80 GB per month are not enough to surf the Internet, the solution with Iliad Italia is there. In that, instead of the Giga 80 tariff plan, the mobile telephone operator, currently in promotion, offers the tariff Giga 120 for only 9.99 euros per month always for real and forever. In particular, with Iliad’s Giga 120 tariff plan, SMS and minutes for unlimited calls are included, and 120 GB per month for surfing the web.

Also in this case, if before the end of the month the available giga will be exhausted, the Iliad customer with Giga 120 tariff plan will be able to continue browsing at a cost of 0.90 euros per 100 MB, always after having given explicit consent. In addition, compared to the Giga 80, the Iliad Italia Giga 120 tariff plan offers an additional advantage for the Internet. That is, that of being able to also surf in 5G in the areas that are covered by the service. As well as, with the Iliad Giga 120 plan, the GB dedicated to roaming Europe are not 5 but rise to 6.

With devices that are compatible with the latest generation mobile network, currently Iliad customers can navigate in 5G in many areas of the following large Italian cities: Padua, Perugia, Verona, Vicenza, Alessandria, Bari, Piacenza, Prato, Bologna, Brescia, Reggio Calabria, Reggio Emilia, Como, Ferrara, Messina, Milan, Turin, Cagliari, Florence, Rome, Genoa, Ravenna, Pescara, La Spezia, Pesaro, Latina and Modena.

By choosing the Giga 80 plan or the Giga 120 plan, at the price and with the features described above, the Iliad customer will have the guarantee of never having bad surprises. As there are no constraints and there are no hidden costs. As well as the subscribed offer never varies over time with access to many free services included, and the activation of Iliad rates conveniently online in just 3 minutes.

Furthermore, with an active Iliad tariff plan, there are never problems to recharge. As the operation can be carried out comfortably online from the Iliad website both from a dedicated web page and directly within your personal area of ​​the portal. Or, just go to the Iliad Stores, the Iliad Points and also to the merchants who have agreements with Lottomatica and Sisal. Or, without ever having to remember to reload, Iliad Giga 80 and Iliad Giga 120 these are two tariff plans that can also be subscribed with payment on a payment card and with the debit on IBAN, and therefore on a current account.

The Ho Mobile alternative

Among the operators that are alternative to Iliad there is Ho Mobile which we talk about very often here on Specifically, the low-cost mobile telephone operator of Vodafone Italia. Ho Mobile’s services were launched in June 2018, which is just a few weeks after Iliad’s arrival in Italy. On a commercial level, the operator Ho Mobile offers and sells its mobile telephony services online and also through a physical network of points of sale. While as far as coverage is concerned, Ho Mobile relies on the network of Vodafone.

The other alternative, Very Mobile

The other alternative to Ho Mobile, and also to Iliad Italia, is Very Mobile which is a brand belonging to the CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd. group. Wind Tre S.p.A. In terms of commercial strategy, the operator Very Mobile aims to offer customers clear, transparent and convenient rates with dedicated assistance. While as far as signal coverage is concerned, Very Mobile at an infrastructural level can leverage a latest generation cellular network that covers 99.6% of the population in Italy.

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