Prologue is the new project of the author of PUBG, details in a video –

Prologue is the new project of the author of PUBG, details in a video –
Prologue is the new project of the author of PUBG, details in a video –

Brendan Greene, or the PlayerUnknown in person, the author of the famous PUBG, recently launched a new project called Prologue which looks like something really special, also shown with a first teaser trailer still rather vague and some new detail from an interview published in these hours and from the video inserted in the tweet shown below.

Greene is considered one of the initiators of the battle royale as a videogame genre, having been at the origin of the Arma mod that later became PUBG, but despite having created an empire, he decided to leave PUBG Corp., the Korean company that deals with the shooter , to create something new.

The strange thing is that this Prologue, or the project in development by Greene, does not seem to be a real video game, but rather a sort of technical demo for the moment. The idea always comes from survival within an open setting, but in this case the mechanics seem different.

The first announcement of Prologue dates back to last year, but a few more details have emerged based on the new interview published by VentureBeat, although the question is still very vague. “We want to create gods realistic sandbox worlds on a scale rarely experienced before, hundreds of miles wide with thousands of players interacting with each other, exploring and creating, “said Greene trying to explain this idea.

The idea is to exploit a network capable of building “gigantic” open world generated each time in a different way “, and Prologue would be only a first version of this project, still limited. This is the official description of this sort of game:

“You must try to find your way through a wild setting generated differently each time, using tools you find around and gathering resources to survive on a journey where the hostile environment is a constant threat. There are no guides, no there are paths to follow, only one world, one point on the map to reach and the tools you can find. “

Waiting to know more, let’s see the first one teaser trailer of Prologue, which had been published in recent months at the time of the announcement.

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