the government is studying the extension of the green certificate

Public administration – One of the first categories to be reached by the new provision seems to be that of public administration workers. After the statements by Minister Costa, who had announced “the return to normalcy of the employees of municipal and public offices”, the intention was also confirmed by Roberto Speranza: “The obligation remains a solution to be evaluated in the future but certainly you can proceed with the extension of the green pass to ensure safety and fight the virus. For example for public administration employees “.

Workers in sectors where it is already mandatory – The other sector on which the government seems determined to extend the use of the green certificate is that of those who work in sectors where the Green pass is already required. Restaurateurs, bartenders, waiters, cinema and gym employees. There is a good chance that the new decree will embrace them too, forcing them to show proof of vaccination (or a tampon with negative results carried out within 48 hours) in order to access the workplace.

Local transport – From 1 September it is mandatory to show the Green pass to board trains, planes or buses that cross more than one region. The only exceptions concern local public transport, which however could be incorporated into the new government maneuver. A large part of the executive would also like to request it to take advantage of buses, trams and subways. Transport Minister Enrico Giovannini has not yet expressed himself on the matter, but specifies: “The regulations already allow, through local ordinances, that traffic auxiliaries and employees of transport companies can also check compliance with health protocols”.

Students over 12 – One of the main issues on Prime Minister Draghi’s table is that of the school. The obligation is already in force for university professors and students, but it is being studied to be able to extend it to the over 12. The proposal comes from Minister Franceschini, even if it appears an unlikely scenario. In fact, minors had access to the vaccine only from the end of May, with little time available compared to the rest of the population.

Private sector workers – The ultimate goal of the Draghi government is to extend the obligation to show the Green pass to all workers in the private sector as well. In this sense, the prime minister expects civil servants to lead the way in unhinging the latest union resistance. The executive seems ready to open a new discussion table with the social partners to draw up a decree or possibly a memorandum of understanding. However, the aim is to close this chapter within a month, in order to have the passport for the private sector come into effect in mid-October.


government studying extension green certificate

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