Covid, the number of Bergamo municipalities without contagions still decreases: they are 144, 59%

Covid, the number of Bergamo municipalities without contagions still decreases: they are 144, 59%
Covid, the number of Bergamo municipalities without contagions still decreases: they are 144, 59%

Monitoring of the Bergamo Ats for the week 28 July – 3 August 2021. «Growing trend of the epidemic curve». Four weeks ago there were 210 countries without new infections, 86%.

The statistical dimension of the new cases on a municipal basis and the relative incidence rate per 1,000 inhabitants “confirms the growing trend of the epidemic curve for the week 28 July – 3 August 2021 as well”. This is what we read in the weekly monitoring of the Ats of Bergamo. The increase in new cases, notes the Health Protection Agency, is equal to 93 (88 the previous week, 48 two weeks ago, 9 three weeks ago, – 2 a month ago), with a percentage increase equal to 47 %, lower than the 78% recorded last week and 75% two weeks ago (16% three weeks ago; – 4% one month ago). The daily average of incident cases rises to 42, compared to 29 last week, the 16 two weeks ago, the 9 three weeks ago and the 8 a month ago, bringing us back to the values ​​of the first week of June. The total weekly incidence value at the provincial level rises to 26 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the period under observation, compared to the values ​​of 18 last week and 10 in the previous two weeks, 6 three weeks ago and 5 a month ago, bringing us, also in this case, to the values ​​of the beginning of June.

The number of municipalities with zero incident cases drops to 144 (59% of municipalities) against 155 (74% of municipalities) last week, 188 (77% of municipalities) two weeks ago, 205 (84%) three and four weeks ago and 210 (86% of municipalities) four weeks ago. “Even in the week observed – reads the report – no Territorial Area is Covid-free”.

“While remaining within an epidemic framework still at limited critical levels – writes the Ats -, also due to the high levels of vaccination coverage, the observed week confirms the increasing trend of the epidemic curve, already detected in the past two weeks . In addition to the constant tracking of cases and compliance with the necessary measures to avoid an increase in viral circulation, it is essential to reiterate the importance of vaccination coverage, in particular with respect to the completion of the cycle.. As also recalled by the ISS, it is necessary, in fact, to achieve high vaccination coverage, with the completion of vaccination cycles, to prevent further recurrences of episodes of increased circulation of the virus, in particular if supported by emerging variants with greater contagiousness “.

«At the provincial level – continues the ATS – thanks to the efforts of all the players in the health, social, health and social system of the Bergamo area and the high levels of responsibility of citizens, the levels of coverage at the provincial level are high. The latest overall coverage assessment (data updated to August 2, 2021) shows that 73.1% of the population aged 12 and over (target population) underwent at least the first dose of vaccine and 58.4% had completed the vaccination course (first and second dose). However, the effort produced is not sufficient to guarantee a risk-free situation of a new rise in the curve. We strongly reiterate that real coverage is only obtained when the vaccination cycle is complete on individual subjects (1st + 2nd dose). These observations reflect, in summary, what is happening at the national level, following the increased prevalence of the Delta variant (traceable in our province around 90.5% of genotypes on positive cases). There is therefore the need to pay renewed attention ».

“We reiterate, therefore, in addition to the fundamental importance of completing the vaccination cycles, the importance of maintaining high attention on the need to respect – and enforce – rigorously all the rules provided, in particular on social distancing and on the use of individual protection means (surgical mask, hand washing, etc.), in the family and in extra-family situations, as far as it is related to transport and public places, as well as to other situations in which the risk of contagion increases (canteens, bars, restaurants, shops, etc.) “.

On L’Eco di Bergamo on newsstands Thursday 5 August the data Municipality by Municipality.


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