How the expanded memory of OPPO mobiles works

For several years, smartphones on the market have increasingly more memory and today it is normal for a top of the 2021 range to have 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage memory. These memories, then, are faster and faster thanks to the relentless advancement of the technology behind them.

However, as has happened with PCs in the past few years, the more memory the e devices have the more memory your applications consume, due to very little optimization. Waiting (and hoping) for app developers to write the cleaner softwareLean and efficient, users who want to use the heavier apps have no choice but to stay up to date with the hardware. In other words, often buy a new cell phone. However, something is changing because the same approach to the problem already seen in previous years on PCs is spreading in the smartphone world: expanding RAM with virtual memory. OPPO is doing something like this: it calls it “RAM Expansion“.

Premessa: RAM vs ROM

Before continuing we need a very quick premise: the RAM is that fast memory that is automatically emptied when we turn off the device (be it the smartphone or the PC), while the ROM is what is normally defined “storage space“.

ROM is slower than RAM, but it is not deleted when the device is turned off. It is also much cheaper and, in fact, is more abundant in all phones.

OPPO’s RAM Expansion

On PCs, for decades, the space on the hard disk has been used to “to park“some data present in RAM, so free up your precious fast memory. This is typically background app data that you don’t need right away.

OPPO is doing the same thing: temporarily converting part of the ROM (which on smartphones is equivalent to a PC’s disk) into Virtual RAM. This function can be activated by the user on some OPPO models and it is possible to choose how much ROM to become virtual RAM.

On which models it works

RAM Expansion is already available on smartphones Find X3 Neo e Find X3 Lite of OPPO and the user just needs to enable it by going to the settings.

OPPO Find X3 Neo 5G – 12/256 GB version

OPPO Find X3 Lite 5G – Version 8/128 GB

Then there are other OPPO smartphones compatible with RAM Expansion technology, but only after a firmware update. It is about the OPPO A94 5G, A74 4G e 5G e A54 5G.

OPPO A94 5G – Version 8/128 GB

OPPO A74 4G – Version 6/128 GB

OPPO A54 5G – Version 4/64 GB

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