WhatsApp, new update: the function that makes photos and videos disappear

WhatsApp, new update: the function that makes photos and videos disappear
WhatsApp, new update: the function that makes photos and videos disappear

WhatsApp changes again. Here comes the new feature ‘View Once’, already announced by Mark Zuckerberg (number one of Facebook, parent company of the messaging app) last June: this is a confirmed update via Twitter. But what will it be possible to do? And how will WhatsApp change?

WhatsApp, new update: “View Once”, the function that makes photos and videos disappear

After the rumors of the last few weeks, between Tuesday 3 August and Wednesday 4 August, the official announcement arrived on the part of WhatsApp, which on his account Twitter wrote an eloquent post: “From now on you can send photos and videos that disappear after they have been viewed thanks to the ‘View Once’, giving you more control over the privacy of your chats “.

Along with the post, also a video explaining the function: in essence, they can be sent Photo e video viewable just once (think of sharing password of the wifi, eg). This is because the multimedia contents of View Once are protected by the end-to-end encryption, therefore not traceable either by third-party users, hackers or by WhatsApp itself. Photos and videos are not stored in the galleries of the device and there is not even the possibility to take screenshots while viewing or in any case before the file itself deletes itself.

WhatsApp, new update: how to recognize “View Once” messages

But how do you know which are the ‘View Once’ photos and videos, to see once? These contents are marked with an icon with the number 1 at their side. It will be possible to know if the recipient has received and opened the file thanks to the information relating to the message sent: in addition to the double check that indicates the sending and the double check that indicates the actual reading, in fact, there will also be one that will indicate the ‘opening the file marked’ View Once ‘.

If the addressee has disabled the read receipts, the sender it will still see if the former has opened the photo or video. If the sender disables read receipts, however, they won’t be able to see when the addressee will have opened the message.

In the groups, instead, it will be possible to see when the other participants will open the contents, even the read receipt has been disabled.


WhatsApp update function photos videos disappear

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