The return of 3dfx the best troll of 2021

The return of 3dfx the best troll of 2021
The return of 3dfx the best troll of 2021

In the past few days, an anxious expectation has been unleashed among the fans: that of 3dfx return to the market, historical brand producing 3D cards and accelerators that went bankrupt in the early 2000s and of which part of the assets were taken over by NVIDIA at that time.

In recent days the Twitter account 3dfxofficial he anticipated how they would soon be anticipated information on future 3dfx branded products that will be made available on the market: all to expect a new range of 3dfx video cards, ready to counter NVIDIA and AMD in terms of maximum speed performance with the latest generation games.

Those who know the sector and are aware of the times, as well as the difficulties, required for the design of a new video card architecture has certainly expressed doubts about the feasibility of such an initiative. It is unthinkable to develop new GPU architectures within 6 months, unless this corresponds to having to develop a series of stickers to stick on the reference board coming from NVIDIA or AMD proposing itself as AIB (Add In Board), that is, as a manufacturer of video cards based on third-party technology.

Today, on his Twitter channel, the new 3dfx has published some slides that outline the business plan for its months. Official information therefore and well defined, but which if read correctly make it clear how it is nothing more than a giant troll or, to put it more seriously, an “interesting social marketing operation”.

This slide shows the products that are expected to be introduced on the market on the occasion of the CEC 2022. CEC stands for Council for Exeprional Children, an event to be held in Orlando (Florida) from 16 to 19 January 2022 (official website at this address) and which has nothing to do with the consumer electronics sector. CEC refers phonetically to CES, the consumer electronics fair at the beginning of 2022 held every year in Las Vegas and which is the center of announcements and news for the year that has just begun: it is easy for someone who is not very careful to fall into deception .

If we then look at the products 3dfx would be working on we notice some funny things starting from scheda 3dfx Voodoo 6 PCI: the interface alluded to in the product name is that Traditional PCI, no longer used for video cards since the time of the original 3dfx as it was superseded first by the AGP one and later by the PCI Express one. If it’s a typo and you wanted to write PCIe instead of PCI that’s a very, very serious mistake.

Buy more a smartphone called “Ruffon”, as far as related to the 3dfx brand? No technical specifications, no indication of the basic characteristics but only an imaginative name for an unspecified smartphone. The other products are a Bluetooth speaker set, a 5.1 channel audio systemie a 128GB tablet with a somewhat sought-after name: Galaxian, coincidentally very similar to that Galaxy so often paired with Samsung consumer electronics products.

Lastly the new 3dfx also wants to present a smart TV with a high-sounding name: Lithium 77K5D. 77 could be the dimension in inches of the diagonal, while the final 5D suggests an astonishing reproduction of images that extends beyond the fourth dimension.

If the very skeptical tone used in this piece is not enough for you, we will tell you by moving to a form as direct and unequivocal as possible: a lot, too much smoke and no roast. Those who expect products with 3dfx proprietary technology to debut in 2022, with technology that goes beyond making beautiful boxes and themed stickers, believe too much in the fables and legend of this brand. The information shown by 3dfx on your Twitter account is a red herring (or for the bites, we could say), useful only for win the first prize as the best web site of 2021.

And if 3dfx is really willing to offer products on the market in 2022 these will only be rebrands of others developed by some Asian ODM: there is plenty of choice, as a certain Stonex has taught us in the past. Trolled or skilled social marketing operation? Only time will tell: for now, dear 3dfxofficial, you have snatched some nice memories and a big smile but it is useless to waste more time behind you.

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