Netflix blocks shared accounts even in Italy: what’s up

Two weeks ago Netflix he communicated his financial results related to the second quarter of 2021 and were excellent: profits of $ 7.43 billion, versus $ 7.32 billion and user growth of $ 1.54 million, versus $ 1.19 million forecast. But these numbers are not enough for Netflix, which wants to recover a lost revenue that has dragged on for years.

We are talking about that deriving from shared accounts in a way that does not comply with terms of service of Netflix. The platform, in fact, provides the possibility to use the same account, and therefore the same subscription, with 5 different profiles as long as all these profiles belong to people who live there in the same house. A family, therefore, or at most a group of cohabitants like a student house. If this is the rule, however, in fact, for quite a while many people have already shared the Netflix account with friends and relatives who live in a completely different place. A phenomenon long tolerated by Netflix, until last March when a first experiment was made to block account sharing. Many users now report that this experiment has arrived Also in Italy.

Shared Accounts: What Netflix is ​​doing

Netflix does not take long to know if we have shared the account with someone: it is enough for them to trace the IP addresses of the connected users, all users of the same home all pass through same Wi-Fi router.

In March Netflix had launched a first experiment: a small number of users received a message with which the platform asked them to confirm that they live with the account owner. To do this, they had to enter a code that Netflix sent to the owner via email or SMS. If the account holder and the other person didn’t live under the same roof, then verification was still possible, but very inconvenient.

It was also possible to delay the verification and continue watching Netflix, but the message reappeared over and over. Now the same thing is happening, even in Italy, with a group of users who have already viewed the message in which Netflix asks them to enter the code.

Netflix: only one account per family

The direction taken by Netflix, therefore, is very clear: stop sharing accounts, yes to multiuser in the same family.

At the end of 2020, on the other hand, Netflix had to admit to its investors that nearly 10% of its viewers used the shared account trick. That’s over 10 million potential paying users who, instead, watch Netflix free.

The platform no longer has any intention of tolerating it also because, in the last two years, the competition has become fierce and Netflix can only beat it by spending billions of dollars in original productions.

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