The Final Fantasy IX remake is the best thing you’ll see today

The Final Fantasy IX remake is the best thing you’ll see today
The Final Fantasy IX remake is the best thing you’ll see today

February 16, 2001 Final Fantasy IX debuted in Europe: twenty years after that, fans have never stopped loving the well-known chapter of the series, so much so that now someone has gone further, realizing a remake of the classic.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, available on PS5 for a few weeks, has shown that fans are open to remakes, especially those of the great classics.

Square has also thought of re-proposing the triptych of the PSOne era also on Nintendo Switch, in a remarkable version in HD also boxed.

After all, the ninth Final Fantasy will send fans who grew up in the era of the first PlayStation back into the summers, also thanks to the upcoming animated series.

Now, The Final Fantasy 9: Memoria Project may be one of the most impressive remakes fans can’t see (via Game Rant).

Created by the 3D artist from, Memoria Project it is an extraordinary visual proof as well as a real act of love towards Final Fantasy IX.

The project features totally redesigned character models and backdrops, as well as brand new animations.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no real gameplay, although Eder’s ultimate goal is for Memoria Project to show what a modern version of Final Fantasy IX, maybe really for next-gen consoles.

Technically, the project has been in the works since Eder first saw Final Fantasy IX in 2000, but work began practically in 2020, when the author contacted Sucker Punch Studios artist Colin Valek.

Eder had already modeled the princess Garnet and then made a model of Alive which truly rivals an official Square opera.

In January, the two artists posted screenshots that imagined the area of Alexandria seen in the original game.

The impact was so strong that both fans and other animation industry insiders began contacting them, including authors, animators, and concept artists.

Now, a team of over 20 video game industry veterans is working on this remake of Final Fantasy IX created by fans for fans.

It must be said that this project will probably never be released to the public, also to avoid legal problems with Square Enix, but as they say in these cases: never say never.

You can read our review on the Switch version of the ninth chapter of the series at this address.

We remind you that, thanks to the commitment of an enthusiast, it is also possible to take a look at Final Fantasy X in next-gen “version”, with Unreal Engine and ray tracing.

As for the next one Final Fantasy XVI there is good news and bad news, as the game risks missing a milestone date.

You can still go on an adventure with Final Fantasy VII Remake, yours at a discounted price on Amazon!

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