like having it handy on iPhone and Android

like having it handy on iPhone and Android
like having it handy on iPhone and Android

It is now official, even in Italy, starting from August 2021, it will be mandatory to show the Green Pass to access certain services in everyday life. Those who do not own a copy will not be able to enter public places, cinemas or even the most crowded means of transport. Consequently, having the code always at hand is definitely the best thing to do. The current access methods, however, are certainly not so immediate. In fact, you need to access the IO application, or the Immune application (with an internet connection perpetually activated), or search for the QR code among the myriad of photos saved in the gallery. For this reason, it is highly recommended to export the pass into your digital wallets. In particular, today we will see how save the Green Pass on iPhone Wallet.

As for Android smartphones, we are going to look for the best alternatives, so as to offer all other users an equally convenient and immediate solution. Before diving into the guide, however, let’s try to understand the purposes of the app I and like the Public administration he plans to manage this type of rescue in the future.

Save Green Pass to iPhone Wallet with the IO app

The IO app is undoubtedly the most convenient portal for Green Pass request. In fact, thanks to the deep integration with the data recovered from the SPID or CIEID account, it will automatically be able to understand the user’s health situation and also send the code without particular requests. The only thing to keep active will be the toggle relating to the updates of the European green certification.

To do this, simply log in to the IO app by entering your credentials, reach the section “Services” from the options below, click “COVID-19 green certification” and make sure the toggles to the right of “Contact you in the app” e “Send you push notifications” are properly active.

In this way, as soon as the national health company issues the certificate, the IO app will send a notification to your smartphone and can be viewed in the messages received. But now we come to the question of bailout.

On the official website of the IO application, in the section dedicated to the Green certification, the possibility of save the Green Pass on Apple’s Wallet, however, at the moment, the option appears to be in beta and therefore not available to the public. Consequently, at the time of writing this article, it will not be possible to export the digital ticket directly from the IO app. We therefore advise you to monitor the updates of the service, through the App Store, so as to be sure to be able to do it as soon as possible.

Green Pass on Apple Wallet: how to save it

While waiting for the IO app to officially release the possibility to save the Green Pass on the iPhone Wallet, let’s see how to do it through the CovidPass website, or through the Stocard application, also available on Android.

Save green pass on wallet with CovidPass

CovidPass is a project that can be accessed for free and from any European nation. It is simply a Web portal capable of scanning or importing the QR code relating to your Green Pass and quickly generate a digital ticket that is perfectly compatible with Apple Wallet. Among other things, this card can also be customized in color, so as to make it more personal and easily recognizable among the other cards.

On iPhone, to export the Green Pass to Wallet, you will need to use the Safari browser. In fact, once started, you will need to access the website of CovidPass, by clicking on this link, and immediately after starting with the configuration of the ticket.

To retrieve the information of the Green Certification, simply choose whether to click on “Launch Camera” or “Select a File”. By opting for the first of the two options, the camera will automatically start, with which you will have to frame the QR code of the Green Pass and automatically all the details will be detected. By choosing the second option instead, it will be possible to import the code from the app “File”, or from the image gallery.

Afterwards, all you need to do is choose the color of the ticket to export (among those available), accept the “Privacy Policy” available in point 3 and finally confirm first with the green button “Add to Wallet” and then with “Add” top right.

Green Pass nel wallet iPhone con Stocard

Green Pass, Stocard

The best alternative to the iPhone Wallet is definitely the application of Stocard. In fact, many use this service to keep all their digital tickets. Recently, it has been updated to allow all users to register the Green certification related to COVID-19. So let’s see how to exploit it.

First of all, however, if you do not already have the app, we recommend that you download it directly from this link. Once installed, you will need to create a free account, or log in more quickly through the social profiles available for registration.

At this point, you can then start the configuration of the Green Pass. The first thing to do will be to click on “+ Add card” at the bottom right, then search and click on the option relating to “COVID-19 Green Certification” and scan the QR code of your ticket. Alternatively, it will also be possible to manually enter the identification code connected to the certification.

Once the configuration is complete, the Green Pass ticket will automatically appear in the list of cards connected to the service. Stocard perfectly supports exporting cards to Apple Wallet, however, at least for the moment, it does not appear to be available for Green Certification. For this reason, we recommend that you always keep the app updated to find out when it will be available.

Green Pass on Android: how to save it

Unfortunately, the saving of the Green Pass on the Wallet is not available on Android, simply because the aforementioned service is owned by Apple and accessible only from the iPhone. However, there are alternatives that are equally valid and that will also be compatible with in the future Google Pay, or the Google “Wallet”.

Green Pass su Android con Stocard

But let’s start with the most universal platform that we have already analyzed earlier. Stocard it is in fact also available on Android and it is also the only digital wallet currently available for smartphones equipped with the Google operating system and compatible with certification. To start the configuration, we therefore invite you to download the app directly from Play Store by clicking on this link.

Once installation is complete, you will then need to log in (or create) your account by entering your credentials, or by clicking on the icon of your favorite social profile. At this point, all you need to do is click on “+ Add card” at the bottom right, press on the item relating to “COVID-19 Green Certification” in the list below and scan the QR code of your ticket, or, you can also manually type the identification code connected to the certification.

The interface of Stocard for Android will be exactly the same as that for iOS, consequently, the ticket can be viewed directly from the digital wallet and accessible from the main screen of the app. Currently the service does not support integration with Google Play, but the possibility that it will be integrated in the future is not excluded. For more information on the Stocard function, we advise you to read our written guide to analyze the aforementioned aspect of the service. To do this, just click on this link.

Green Pass su Android con Google Pay

Green Pass su Android con Google Pay

The ideal situation for all Android users is to keep all their cards within the app Google Pay, which currently supports payment cards, loyalty cards, coupons, tickets for events and tickets for public transport and airplanes.

Immediately after the official announcement of the Green Pass, however, Google immediately got to work with the development of a ticket capable of supporting all the data relating to the Certification within it. The interesting thing, however, is that to download the card, you will not need to use any external application (such as IO or Immuni), as all APIs will be accessible directly from the Google Pay service (or rather, Google Play Services).

Currently, however, all this will be available only in the United States, even if in the future it will be extended to all European countries, or where the Green Pass is really useful and mandatory. It should also be specified that the Google Pay European Green Certificate will not be stored on the cloud like the other cards, so from limit data sharing and maintain user privacy. Access to the card will then be protected by a PIN code and biometric identification (fingerprint or facial recognition).

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