12th Gen Intel Core: Only a few releases in 2021

12th Gen Intel Core: Only a few releases in 2021
12th Gen Intel Core: Only a few releases in 2021

The next generation of Intel Core processors, indicated with the code name of Alder Lake and identified as CPU 12th generation core, will debut in the autumn in conjunction with the new platforms based on LGA 1700 socket. The availability of these new processors will however be very limited, limited only to the higher-end versions identified by the letters K and KF, according to the rumors anticipated by the Igor’s Lab website.

Intel will make available only these processor versions in 2021, between late October and mid-November which is the period scheduled for the official debut on the market, in combination with the first Intel Z690 chipset-based motherboards with the new socket. The other proposals of the Core family based on Alder Lake architecture will come later, presumably starting from CES 2022 at the beginning of the year, along with the other chipsets that will make up the Intel 600 family.

The CPUs of the Alder Lake family will be equipped with hybrid architecture, with which higher power cores are combined with others with higher efficiency. The former will belong to the family Golden Cove while the latter will be those Gracemont. Other novelties of these processors will be the DDR5 memory controller and the PCI Express, Gen 5.0 type. The production process adopted for the construction of these CPUs will be Intel 7, a new name chosen to identify the 10-nanometer technology previously known as Enhanced SuperFin.

According to rumors leaked online so far, Intel will offer 3 versions of the 12th generation Core CPU of the K family:

  • Core i9-12900K: 8 big core + 8 small core; 24 threads; TDP 125 Watt
  • Core i7-12700K: 8 big core + 4 small core; 20 threads; TDP 125 Watt
  • Core i5-12600K: 6 big core + 4 small core; 16 threads; TDP 125 Watt

With the first Alder Lake systems, the new power supplies based on the ATX12VO standard but the information currently available has ruled out this possibility, due to considerations related to the additional cost required especially at the motherboard level.

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