Green pass, false false certifications are popular on the web

July 29, 2021 11:04 am

To “Morning News” the case of fake Qr codes that can be purchased online

The Green pass has not yet officially entered into force, it will do so on August 6, but on the web you can already find and buy fake certifications which certify the double vaccination dose. “We have evidence for hundreds of people who are trying to understand, or to approach those who can provide a forged QR code,” he explains. Ivano Gabrielli of the Postal Police a “Morning News”.


A clandestine business that uses Telegram or the dark web to meet the needs of those who want the certification illegally, despite not having received the vaccine: “On these platforms – explains Gabrielli – people receive all the instructions to receive these phantom certificates”. Meanwhile, the government has already taken action by releasing the app “VerificaC19” able to recognize and certify valid Green Passes: “The app recognizes who is entered in the database of vaccinated persons and has received the digital signature of the Ministry of Health”.


Green pass false false certifications popular web

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