Seagate announces the first compatible NVMe SSD

Seagate announces the first compatible NVMe SSD
Seagate announces the first compatible NVMe SSD

Seagate Technology ANZ confirmed that their NVMe FireCuda 530 will be usable with PlayStation 5. Specifically, it will be the first drive to be compatible with the console expansion slot that has remained unused until now.

To reveal all the details is Jeff Park, Country Manager of Seagate ANZ (acronym which stands for Australia and New Zealand), who regarding the compatibility with the next-gen console of Sony explained the following: “We did some tests with Sony on the PS5 and today we can confirm that the FireCuda 530 with heatsink has met all the requirements to be compatible with the console. Given the design of the PS5, the space for SSD cards is very tight and there is not enough space to mount SSD. However, the slim design of the FireCuda 530, even with the heatsink placed on top, allows it to fit perfectly. Obviously the model without the radiator is even thinner, so both will fit into the PS5 without any problems“.

This is undoubtedly excellent news for users of the Sony console, who will thus be able to enjoy the great capabilities of the latest generation NVMe SSD: as you can read on the Seagate website, the 4TB FireCuda 530 “redefines speed by harnessing the full power of the PCIe Gen4 interface to deliver speeds of up to 7,300MB / s, with transfer speeds that are 2x faster than PCIe Gen3 and 12x faster than SATA SSDs“All that remains is to await its worldwide availability: in the meantime it will be available in New Zealand at the beginning of August.

Meanwhile, the PS5 is at 10 million consoles sold, making it the fastest-selling Sony console ever despite scarce stocks globally. In this regard, the shortage of stocks for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S could continue until 2023.


Seagate announces compatible NVMe SSD

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