Facebook’s cloud gaming wants to bypass Apple’s rules, will it make it?

Facebook’s cloud gaming wants to bypass Apple’s rules, will it make it?
Facebook’s cloud gaming wants to bypass Apple’s rules, will it make it?

Filippo Morgante28/07/2021 ore 22:18

Facebook wants to raise her newborn cloud gaming service, and to do so it needs to land on too iOS. In recent days, the social network company has made its gaming platform available also for iPhone e iPad through a web app that people can add to their homescreen as a native app. The site will allow you to play simple web games like Solitario and Tria, but also with graphically more intense titles like racing games. At this point, however, a interrogative: How will Facebook comply with Apple’s rules?

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In fact, it is not yet clear how users will be able to access the platform, since for the Apple’s rules third party developers like Facebook can’t target users of their apps to websites with non-Apple purchasing mechanisms. Other companies, such as for example Epic, have already tried to break down this wall, but without obtaining the desired result.

The game library Facebook’s web, will include both HTML5 based titles that other more advanced ones that will be transmitted directly from the cloud using the personalized payment system of the social network called Facebook Pay to accept in-game purchases. Facebook’s decision to bring its gaming platform to iOS via the web mimics the approach of Amazon e Microsoft, who have released Progressive Web Apps (WEIGHT) for their respective cloud gaming services in order to circumvent the App Store rules.

“We’ve come to the same conclusion as others: web apps are the only option for streaming cloud games on iOS at the moment. As many have pointed out, Apple’s policy of ‘allowing’ cloud gaming on the App Store doesn’t allow for much. Apple’s requirement for each cloud game to have its own page, go through review, and appear in search lists defeats the purpose of cloud gaming. These roadblocks mean that players are prevented from discovering new games, playing cross-device and instantly accessing high-quality games in native iOS apps – even for those who aren’t using the latest and most expensive devices. ”

Vivek Sharma – Vice President of Facebook Gaming

Facebook cloud games are currently available in the States United and in some parts of the Canada he was born in Mexico, but they are slowly being brought in too other regions.

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Facebooks cloud gaming bypass Apples rules

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