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Marco De Veglia, the marketing guru who had expressed no vax opinions died of Covid

Marco De Veglia, the marketing guru who had expressed no vax opinions died of Covid
Marco De Veglia, the marketing guru who had expressed no vax opinions died of Covid

Top manager, successful book author, world-renowned marketing expert. It doesn’t look like the typical identikit of a No Vax. but yet Marco De Veglia, 55, a manager from Trieste who lived in New York, collaborating with a number of Italian companies to help break the market (he was an expert in the so-called “brand positioning”) and died of Covid-19 after having expressed, on his social profiles and on other occasions, positions of open skepticism towards vaccines developed with the aim of defeating the coronavirus.

De Veglia, married and father of a boy, he had fallen ill with Covid-19 a couple of weeks ago. His illness, it seems, had followed a course that we have learned to recognize in this year and a half of living with the pandemic. A “soft” start that the manager, perhaps, seemed to confirm his opinion that Covid-19 could in any case be treated safely at home and treated as a normal flu. Then the sudden worsening of the conditions and hospitalization, with the transfer in the ICU at a Miami hospital. Finally, the death, announced by friends on social media, primarily Stefano Versace, an Italian entrepreneur active in the confectionery sector always in Florida. The friend, who had not shared De Veglia’s denial positions, always online asked not to “point the finger” at the Julian manager and rather to ask himself how certain “fake news” can be made by anyone.

De Veglia, who had written the books “Zero competitors” (2017) and “Brand positioning formula”, apparently had taken 360 ° skeptical positions, coming to define Covid as “a plot of the pharmaceutical companies” and to support the uselessness of the mask. Positions on which he had confronted, even bitterly, with acquaintances. On social media he had written posts like “We don’t give a damn about your green passes“and” If you die of a heart attack it is Covid, if you die of a vaccine it is a heart attack. “Today on the net they remember him above all for his consulting activity, which had allowed many Italian companies to establish themselves on the stars and stripes market

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