the incredible win, then the unexpected confession

The lucky protagonist of our story first got a sensational win thanks to the scratch card and then made a confession that amazed everyone.

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We have all tried our luck with a at least once in our life Scratch and win. There are few who can say that they have seen their lives change thanks to this game. What we are about to tell you is a very particular story, of a stroke of luck, which, like everyone, was unexpected. But what surprised the protagonists who lived this story closely was the confession of the lucky one.

To make it even more special is that this stroke of luck can happen thanks to the rest of a coffee. This is what happened to the player from the province of Milan. It will certainly not have changed the life of the patron of the bar but it has certainly been possible to give some gifts. Let’s find out the details.

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Scratch and Win: The Unexpected Confession

Scratch and win

The protagonist of this story a few weeks ago went as always to the bar in San Colombano, run by Fausto, Davide and Veris Mordenti. The lady showed up at the restaurant in via Salvador Allende 8 for a coffee at the beginning of the day, with the rest of the coffee she bought a Scratch and win of the 10 euro Mega Billionaire series.

To her great joy she discovered that under the number 11 there was a large and unexpected win for her of 10 thousand euros. Obviously this is not a figure that will change his life but that made this day special.

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The woman told the owners of the bar that this money comes just in time of need as she has had to face various family expenses.


incredible win unexpected confession

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