Check C19: how the app to check Green Passes works

Check C19: how the app to check Green Passes works
Check C19: how the app to check Green Passes works

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With the’Green pass obligation checks will also come for some activities. From 6 August the green passport – which is obtained once you have a vaccination certificate (issued 15 days after the first dose and valid until the second or after the second dose and valid for 9 months), with the certificate of recovery (valid for 6 months) and with the negative result of a swab carried out in the previous 48 hours – it will be necessary for indoor restaurants, outdoor shows, spas, swimming pools, gyms, fairs, congresses and competitions, bars but not to consume at the counter, even if indoors. Therefore, the checks to verify validity and authenticity green certificates that citizens will be able to show both in paper and digital versions.

I controls will be made through the app VerificaC19, developed by the Ministry of Health through the Sogei company. The Verification C19 App can be used by “verifiers”, that is, those in charge of controlling the Covid-19 green certifications, in public establishments, offices and in all realities where the vaccination certificate is required according to the latest decree. The app is anyway available for free on all digital stores, so any citizen can download it on their smartphone (either iOs that Android) and try it. The process of using the verification app is divided, in particular, into the following phases. The verifier requests certification from the interested party, who shows the relative QR code (in digital or paper format). The app reads the QR code, extracts the information and proceeds with the authenticity check by verifying the digital signature and then graphically shows the verifier the actual authenticity and validity of the certification as well as the name, surname and date of birth of the holder and its unique identifier. Upon request of the verifier, the holder shows a valid identity document for the purpose of verifying the correspondence of the personal data present in the document with those displayed by the app. All sensitive data contained in the green pass will not be stored in respect of privacy.

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Check C19 app check Green Passes works

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