this is what the production process will be

this is what the production process will be
this is what the production process will be

After learning about the important step forward on ARM architecture thanks to RTX technologies, NVIDIA is back in the spotlight for a new wave of rumors about the next generation of gaming video cards.

We speak of course of the new RTX Series 40, code name Ada Lovelace, the design of which, it seems, would have been completed by now. According to what emerged and suggested by the well-known tipster Greymon55, Ada Lovelace is now at a turning point and will be based on TSMC node at 5 nanometers. We don’t have information about the technology used yet, so we don’t know if it is N5 or N5P node.

Despite the leaker you seem extremely certain of what has been said, we remember that we are still in the field of rumor and therefore information to be taken with all due caution.

So far there have been many hypotheses on the video cards that will succeed Ampere. Recently, kopite7kimi had also tried to give his version, confirming the node at 5 nanometers but arguing that the new strategy of NVIDIA could have been based also and above all on the performance of AMD RDNA3 GPUs. This strategy, according to the tipster, does not necessarily tie Lovelace to NVIDIA’s 40 Series.

Finally, according to Moore’s Law is Dead, even if the RDNA3 cards were to outperform NVIDIA’s 40 Series, the latter could still prevail in terms of price, especially in full. shortage.


production process

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