Rare sneakers, these Nikes are worth 40,000 euros: check now!

Incredible but true, there are some rare Nike sneakers that today are worth 40,000 euros. You may have them too!

Rare sneakers, there are some that are worth crazy prices (Pixabay)

Have you ever thought that you could earn four-figure numbers simply by selling sneakers rare? The world of collecting has also led to this, with a continuous evolution that is expanding day by day to other sectors. The great classic are the postage stamps, followed by coins, vinyls, discs, Pokémon cards, and so on.

Especially in recent years, the linked phenomenon has exploded to clothing and shoes. Great success was achieved Air Jordan, but not only. There are many models of sneakers that – for one reason or another – have come to worthy figures. These Nike SB What The Dunk they are for sale on farfetch.com a 40.769 euro!

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Rare sneakers, 40,000 euros for this Nike model

The Nike SB What The Dunk are worth up to 40,000 euros (screenshot)

It is certainly one of the rarest and most difficult sneakers to find on the market: we are talking about Nike SB What The Dunk. Multicolored model with round toe, lace-up closure, mix of patterns and flat rubber sole, it is among the most sought after shoes among fans of the sector. Finding a couple is not easy, quite the contrary. It is precisely for this reason that the value has skyrocketed, yesfounding the wall of 40,000 euros.

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As mentioned, on farfetch.com they are available for 40,769 euros, but on the various dedicated platforms they could go wild auctions at much higher prices. If you have a couple at home, the advice is to sell them immediately and see how much you can earn. You will surely pull up a nice little treasure.


Rare sneakers Nikes worth euros check

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