The best Android and iOS apps to monitor health

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More and more users are deciding to use applications for monitor health and maintain physical and mental well-being. Some app available on Android and iOS devices, they allow you to live better, keeping various parameters under control and discovering many useful exercises. What are the best health monitoring apps?

Physical well-being: monitoring health

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Let’s start immediately with the applications dedicated to physical activity. These are ideal solutions for athletes and for those who would like to improve their life.

Google Fit (Android e iOS)

One of the most used health monitoring apps is Google Fit (available for Android and iOS). Some features (including Heart Points) were developed in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA).

The application allows you to monitor in real time thephysical activity with statistics relating to runs, walks and bike rides. Several parameters are obtained thanks to the sensors of the smartphone and the heart rate monitors of the smartwatch with Wear OS.

Are you looking for software that encourages you to play sports? Google Fit also allows you to set your goals and view the daily progress.

Strava (Android and iOS)

Compatible with smartphones (here for Android and here for iOS) and wearable devices, Diet is a fitness application much appreciated by sportsmen. This software allows you to discover different statistics – including distance, pace, speed, elevation gain and calories burned – during or after sports.

Challenges are devised every month to make physical activity even more fun. The app allows you to share data with friends and comment on their results.

Apple Health (iOS)

Salute is only available for devices Apple. This application offers various fundamental information regarding the user’s health condition, nutrition, motor activity, sleep and much more.

Data is collected from iPhone, Apple Watch and compatible medical devices. Included is a feature that allows you to create a “bedtime routine” and sleep well.

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Fitbit (Android e iOS)

The application Fitbit (see for Android and iOS), thanks to the data collected with the smartphone and wearable devices, it offers users a complete picture of their situation. This tool can track your steps, distance, improve your runs, hikes, hikes, exercise records and much more. Using a compatible tracker, you can also control the heartbeat.

YAZIO (Android e iOS)

YAZIO (for Android and iOS) is an application that helps users create a food diary and count calories. It is therefore possible to set food goals and keep track of the results, also thanks to a convenient graph. Also included over 1,000 recipes for making delicious and healthy foods.

Nike Training Club (Android e iOS)

Are you a sportsman and are you looking for a health and wellness application? Nike Training Club (Android and iOS) could be a good choice. This application offers users a variety of workouts, from cardio sessions to yoga classes, to try right at home.

I Master Trainer di Nike have created several options that are ideal for athletes. Almost all the exercises, having been designed for sportsmen who wish to train at home, do not require tools.

Eliminate anxiety and stress: monitor health

Monitor health: the best apps.
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Let’s now discover three applications with which you can delete anxiety, stress and sleep better. In fact, this aspect is also fundamental to improve one’s life. Starting to meditate or practice yoga is not easy, but thanks to these tools it is possible to discover all the secrets of these activities.

Daily Yoga (Android and iOS)

To practise yoga provides several benefits: better posture, greater flexibility, muscle toning, improves mood and many more. Daily Yoga (available for Android and iOS) includes over 100 yoga and meditation classes. Beginners will be able to discover a series of tutorials that allow them to approach this world, while professionals will have the opportunity to perfect their techniques.

Headspace (Android e iOS)

Feature-rich, with an intuitive user interface and with small daily meditation sessions, Headspace (here for Android and here for iOS) is an excellent freemium application (which offers some free content, but you need to subscribe to discover the full experience) with which to eliminate anxiety, stress and improve sleep.

The tools included within the application, designed by experts of the industry, they are useful for concentrating, breathing and staying calm.

La Mindfulness App (Android e iOS)

La Mindfulness App (Android and iOS) offers guided courses and meditations to eliminate stress, anxiety and sleep better. Both beginners and meditation experts will be able to discover numerous very useful activities. There is no shortage of personalized statistics that allow you to check your progress.

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