The trick to talk to those who blocked you on WhatsApp

The trick to talk to those who blocked you on WhatsApp
The trick to talk to those who blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is ruthless, the moment someone blocks the application it makes sure that in no way you can reach that person anymore. You can’t text, you can’t make calls or send audio, you can’t even look at his profile picture or read his status. The block is an ultimate and very powerful weapon.

However, there are particular contingencies that make it a little too extreme. If you argue with a friend and he blocks you, you have no way to explain yourself or to make peace. Is it possible that there is no way to get around this provision even for a moment?

Actually, yes, it exists, and that’s the trick we explain below.

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The first thing you need to make this method work is a mutual friend between you and the person who blocked you. In fact, it is a trick that only works with people you know and not with strangers who have blocked you.

Once you have found the friend, ask him to create a WhatsApp group in which to insert you and the person who blocked you. You are now 3. Now ask your mutual friend to leave the group. Now there are 2 of you, you and the contact who blocked you.

In this situation, the WhatsApp group is exempt from all blocking rules. At this point you can send him a vowel to explain yourself or you can write to him. The moment he leaves the group, all the rules of the block return. So you have only one chance to make peace, don’t waste it.

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