Cardiac arrest after first dose of Pfizer vaccine: former Amici competitor hospitalized

One of the former contestants of Amici di Maria De Filippi, Santo Giuliano, has a cardiac arrest 5 days after the dose of the vaccine. Here is the video that moves social media.

The former competitor of Amici di Maria De Filippi, Saint Julian, yesterday accused of an illness after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. He himself confirmed the news in a story on his Instagram profile saying: “Five days after the first dose I found myself in a hospital with cardiac arrest …“. In fact, it is a pain in the heart that causes Saint to be hospitalized urgently.

The dancer claims that it was the vaccine that caused these heart problems, and always on the social network reassures his followers that despite the bad moment he is now fine, and is recovering. In fact, Santo adds that from the Intensive Care Unit, he was moved to a normal room for observations, “They’re still keeping me under control …“, he claims.

At the time when Amici’s former competitor suffers cardiac arrest he was in Dubai for work reasons, and right there he was asked to get the vaccine. In a moment of the video Giuliano is moved to say that for a few moments he felt as if he were dead, fortunately he does the doctors revived him in time.

“They made it to take me back…”, says the dancer, concluding not to be against the vaccination campaign at all. despite the bad accident that happened to him.

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Who is Santo Giuliano

Giuliano was born in Nola, in the province of Naples, class of 1987, he does all kinds of jobs between waiter and flyer. In 2014, however, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a dancer by entering the school of Friends of Maria De Filippi in the sixth edition of the program.

Santi had already distinguished himself particularly for his talent, but that year the winner was Federico Angelucci. However, after that experience Santi Giuliano had great satisfaction managing to become a professional dancer in all respects. For example, one of the peaks of his career was joining the dance troupe of theUnpublished World Tour by Laura Pausini.

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