“The comedians were allowed everything Today, however, there are too many stakes” – Corriere.it

“The comedians were allowed everything Today, however, there are too many stakes” – Corriere.it
“The comedians were allowed everything Today, however, there are too many stakes” – Corriere.it
from Renato Franco

Comedian Alessandro Siani is preparing «Libertà Live Tour» which debuts on July 27 at the Summer Fest in Naples. Six dates and then the real tour around Italy.

In the vocabulary of the last two years it has been the most evoked and least applied word: freedom. For this reason Alessandro Siani has decided to build on it a show that runs on the edge of irony, without escaping reflections on the today we live. «Libertà Live Tour» debuts on July 27th within the Summer Fest, in the gardens of the Royal Palace of Naples. Six dates waiting for the real tour around Italy. «Freedom is a word that has many nuances, many nuances. Together with curfew and lockdown, this is the term that best expresses our feelings “

«Not so much, there are now forbidden words. The sweet Testa di Moro will have to change his name because he risks being racist. Then it will be the turn of the Negramaro group, the Negroni aperitif. I don’t even want to imagine what will happen to linguine alla puttanesca ».

Is politically correct a cage?

“You must know by now that there are stakes. There are behavioral, ethical and civil lines that are imposed on us for some sacrosanct battles. But comedy has to play in free territory. Before, the comedian was the one who could say whatever he wanted and the audience was surprised at the irreverence. Today the web says much more than you do and even has the “license” to do so ».

“Sometimes too much. Renzi, who presumably should be on the left, agrees with Salvini – who is on the right – on the reform of justice, on the changes to the Zan bill, both hate Conte. Pd and 5 Stelle instead remind me of the title of a film: my brother is an only child ».

What inspired you about forced coexistence?

«I have two reflections, one comic and one less. On the one hand we have had a lot of time to reflect on ourselves in a continuous introspection, made up of anxiety, fear, anguish for a future that we would like to be rosy and peaceful. On the other hand, without the need for navigators we have learned two jobs: we have all become hairdressers and pizza chefs. I have found a middle ground and I make pizza by the slice ».

Work is a concern.

“The work has also changed. In last year’s crib there were no shepherds, Mary and Joseph wondered what happened to them, then they understood that they took the citizenship income ».

Lots of lockdowns and lots of TV series.

«As for the infections, there was also the peak of the TV series. Before we needed it, now people want to shoot the series of their own life: more than seeing life represented by the actors, people want to be the protagonists of their own life. I hope we go back to going to the theater, to the cinema, because Italy has been hit in the heart of the economy: there is a risk of going from the green pass to the mandatory bypass ».

But people now live on social media.

«The smartphone will come to life, it will go to concerts and tell us what is happening. By now we do not have the DNA, but the DHL, because of this life made up of deliveries and deliveries. It will end up as with cars, which do everything themselves: the autopilot, the sensors for lights, rain and parking, in the end you became the option. This too is a restriction of our freedom ».

Are you a public figure, do you feel a prisoner of the public?

«I apply a simple rule: if I have bad days, I stay at home, because being with the public means being with the public as soon as I leave the door of my house. I can’t complain if someone asks me for a photograph or unexpectedly records me with my mobile phone ».

Did he have to sacrifice freedom for success?

«I prefer to talk about popularity because success is like happiness, we are always looking for it. I remember my life before and after and I have no price to pay, I just have to establish new protocols ».

Ci libereremo dai virology?

«They replaced the TV personalities, Burioni took over from Fiorello, Ilaria Capua in place of Milly Carlucci, Crisanti represented Marzullo: ask yourself a question and give yourself an answer. However, if, by getting rid of them, we get rid of Covid, it is a price we gladly pay ».

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