Fortnite, many new free rewards: here’s how to get them

Thanks to a new initiative, on Fortnite it is possible to get rewards for free. Here’s what to do

Fortnite, how to get new rewards for free (YouTube screenshot)

Continue the work by Epic Games to update his battle royale and keep it in step with the times. Fortnite continues to record dizzying numbers, almost 4 years after its birth. The strong point are the many updates and the rewards that are reserved to the millions of gamers.

A little while ago, the software house announced a new initiative that is aimed precisely at giving lots of free rewards to those who complete some simple steps. Is called “Restart a friend”And, as the name suggests, will allow anyone to get some bonuses by inviting a friend to play Fortnite. Here’s what needs to be done and what prizes are up for grabs.

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Fortnite, new rewards, how “Restart a friend” works

If you too want to get all the new rewards made available by Fortnite for free with the initiative “Restart a friend“, The path to follow is very simple. First you need to log in to this site and connect with your Fortnite account. At this point, you can choose up to three friends who have not played for a long time to be invited again in the battle royale. Finally, just play with them and collect points to receive the many prizes.

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In particular, there are four rewards: spray Restarts, Heartbeat coverage, Poisonous Lightning hang glider and Plasma Carrot pickaxe (in 2 different versions). By playing with invited people, you will receive 100 points on the first restart and 10 for each subsequent game. Within seven days, you should receive in-game rewards.


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