WhatsApp, how to download Vaccines stickers for everyone


In the last few days, many new stickers have arrived on WhatsApp, but one set in particular is making a lot of talk: it’s called “Vaccines for All“, That is”vaccines for everyone“, And was made by the same WhatsApp in collaboration with WHO, the World Health Organization.

As the name implies, these stickers for WhatsApp are all about the theme of anti Covid-19 vaccination and, explains WhatsApp, “have been designed with the purpose of helping our users to communicate in a creative and fun way and to express joy, relief and hope regarding the possibilities offered by vaccines“. The 24 stickers that make up the Vaccines for All set, in fact, represent the theme of vaccination in a positive and hopeful way. This is an important position on the part of WhatsApp in favor of anti Covid vaccines, in the wake of the collaboration already started in the last 12 months with over 150 governments and associations, aimed at disseminating correct information on the coronavirus and on treatments.

How to download vaccine stickers for everyone

To download WhatsApp Vaccines for All stickers just open a chat and tap on the stickers icon and then on the “+“. It will open WhatsApp sticker store, where there are hundreds and hundreds of sticker sets.

For this we will have to scroll down until we find the right set: it is called Vaccines for All and reports theWHO indication as an author. Once we have found the set of stickers, therefore, all we have to do is tap on the icon in the shape of the arrow down to download them on our smartphone.

The new stickers will be available immediately and we will be able to use them in our normal chats with friends, relatives and colleagues.

How to share vaccine stickers for everyone

This procedure is available to everyone, but who is less “smart“and he doesn’t know how to use WhatsApp very well to get them, he can also follow another, simpler one. Just ask a contact to send him a message with one of these new stickers, to share the set with him.

In fact, once you have received the sticker, you can tap on it and choose “View sticker pack” and then “Download“.

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