Death Stranding: discovered an extra scene after 2 years

Death Stranding, the latest effort by Hideo Kojima (creator of the historic and iconic Metal Gear saga), has been out for almost two years, exactly on November 8, 2019. Nevertheless, players are still able to find new inside, rekindling in the hearts of those who loved the opera the desire to play it again. A player, on the game’s sub-reddit, has in fact reported having discovered a secret scene starring Sam and his trusty travel companion, the BB (Bridge Baby). Without getting lost in small talk, let’s examine together what the sequence shows!

First of all, There are two requirements to be met to activate the secret scene: BB must be in autotoxemia (i.e. with maximum stress level) and Sam on the verge of death. At this point, entering one of the shelters, a scene will activate that will see Sam put the BB in the special machinery to decrease his stress. After that, exhausted and dirty with chiralium, he throws himself on his bed catching his breath and falling asleep immediately. A normal scene but which, so far, had not reported anyone.

The length of the movie is short (about 26 seconds), and you can view it yourself thanks to the video below posted by ‘aadipie’ on Reddit. As always, we invite you to stay tuned with us at Game Division for the latest news on your favorite titles. In the meantime, also check out our article dedicated to the complete catalog of PlayStation Now titles. Click here to view it!

If BB is autotoxemic and Sam’s near dead with exhaustion here’s a bonus cutscene that plays out when dropping into a facility. from DeathStranding

Here is the description of the title, for anyone wishing to approach it: “Sam Bridges must face a world completely transformed by DEATH STRANDING. Carrying the disconnected fragments of our future in his hands, he will set out on a journey to reconstruct, step by step, the shattered world.“.

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