The trick to using your WhatsApp on someone else’s smartphone

You will have noticed for yourself: WhatsApp can only be used on one phone at a time, in the sense that it is associated with only one phone number for each device. You cannot have two phones with two accounts, also because the platform periodically checks this correspondence.

Yet there is a trick to get around this limit, it’s not quite the most comfortable and it’s not quite elegant, but it doesn’t take many steps to activate it. What you need are two phones and a connection:

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First of all log into your browser to go to the internet on your second phone and go to (a site that is usually used to activate WhatsApp from your laptop). At that point you will be redirected to WhatsApp and what you need to do is access the options and choose “Request desktop site”. At that point on the page there will be a QR code in the foreground.

Now go back to your original phone, the one from which you usually use WhatsApp, and go to settings then select “WhatsApp Web” which will open the scanner for the QR (I recommend, if you are already using WhatsApp Web somewhere you have to disconnect).

Now with the first phone scan the code that appeared on the second phone. At this point you can use WhatsApp on both. The only problem is that using WhatsApp Web on a phone is not very comfortable and you may have to switch to a horizontal screen view to use it more easily.

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