the new game will be an Xbox exclusive, for Jeff Grubb –

The new game of Hideo Kojima It will be a’Xbox exclusive, according to reports to Jeff Grubb from a source close to the matter. The Japanese author would in fact be in talks with Microsoft.

So yes, the Kojima Productions statuette in Phil Spencer’s office had a precise meaning, as it has already happened in the past: the boss of Xbox and Kojima are talking about their first project together.

What is certain, reports Grubb, is that the new game by the Japanese author is not Abandoned, the horror for PS5 presented in the last few days, which instead has a very different story being the debut title of a small development team.

The fact that the studio does not have a website and a very nebulous background had prompted some people to imagine that Kojima was behind it, as happened at the time of the reveal of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Hideo Kojima next to the logo of his development team, Kojima Productions.

“I can’t confirm if Microsoft has already concluded the negotiation with Kojima, but from what I understand the game designer is part of a plan of the Redmond house, which intends to focus on the best Japanese talents,” wrote Grubb.

Certainly such a partnership would be fascinating and would demonstrate Xbox’s commitment also on the Japanese front, a commitment that has long been declared but never fully materialized.


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