the company denies increased profit margins and other models –

the company denies increased profit margins and other models –
the company denies increased profit margins and other models –

Nintendo Switch OLED would not entail higher profit margins compared to the standard models for Nintendo, at least according to reports from the company itself, which in a couple of official tweets wanted to deny what previously reported by Bloomberg, in addition to the possibility of other models of consoles coming soon.

In fact, the newspaper spoke of an increased production cost of only 10 dollars for the assembly of Nintendo Switch OLED compared to previous models, which would lead to an increase in profit margins for Nintendo, considering that in the USA the price of the new console is $ 50 higher than that of the standard console.

Nintendo responded directly to the article with two tweets, reporting that “A July 15 news report claims that the profit margins of Nintendo Switch OLED have increased compared to those of Nintendo Switch and to ensure proper viewing by our investors and users, we want to clarify that this statement is incorrect “.

Furthermore, a second tweet communicates that there are no other models planned: “We also want to clarify that we have just announced the Nintendo Switch OLED coming for October 2021 and we have no plans to bring out other models at the moment “.

This denial through Twitter it is a rather unusual move, but it is probably explained by the need to “keep good” investors following the announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED and the effects that Bloomberg’s statements could have. Meanwhile, it has emerged that the Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console of the first half of 2021 in the US.


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